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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end.

This is going to be the very last post for the year 2008.
In a few hours time, we'll be ushering in a new year.
And for me, it'll be a new beginning. A new chapter in life.
I wish all of you the very best for the great year ahead!
My resolution for 2009 is to TRY to stop buying bags.
Okie okie, I know right. AS IF I CAN. But then again... Haha!
Oh well, I said I'll try, didn't I? *giggles* HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

In Lurve With

Item: Lady Leisure
Colour: Yellow
Price: RM30

I smell elegance in this clutch! Can you? ;)

Penny Lane's Workshop

Item: Black L' Amour
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM11

The perfect valentine's gift. There, it says it all.

Room 8008

Item: Rib My Bag
Colour: Black, White
Price: RM65

Bows, bows, and more bows! SO SWEEEET! ;)

Yogurt Barcode

Item: Gucci Inspired Tote
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM78

It might not be authentic, and I might not be an expert at this. But hell, if you were to tell me that this is authentic, I might just fall into your trap. But again, it's flew in from Hong Kong girls.

Alice Wonders

Item: Starz Maroon
Colour: Red, Black
Price: RM55 RM49

They're on a very important mission. *puts on detective cap*
That is bring to you beautiful bags with affordable prices.
Hmm, which explains why there are slashes in the prices yeah! :)

The Shoplifters

Item: Aborigine Weave Bag
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM30

Not your typical casual sling bag, girls.
It's uber lovely, no? Very artistic I'd say. ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

You just gotta know how to BAG it right! :)

Item: A Great Mesh
Colour: Purple, Black, Red
Price: RM43 *steeeeeealll*

I gasped with my jaw widely opened when I saw this.
FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC, girls! How not to love?
Just Bag It just know how to catch our hearts.
And they even made me heart skip a beat can!
Esp the one in purple. *no my obsession hasn't died yet*

Item: Abby
Colour: As shown above
Price: Not available

This is absolutely handmade can?
And look at that lovely flower brooch!
Such a cutie pie, girls! Go grab it already!

Item: Lil Poney, Lil Pig Pig, Lil Elephant
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM15

I just got to slip this in midway my bag reviews.
Too adorable to not give them a feature here!!! :D

Item: Candy Cane
Colour: Green and White
Price: RM25

Doesn't matter Christmas's all over.
These darlings don't run out of trend. :)
And now, that's a steal, no? *psst free delivery!*

Item: Wild Side Versality
Colour: Gold and Black
Price: RM78

Can be transformed into another shape. *giggles*
It can be used as a handbag or sling, if you like.
Hmm, me likey how versatile this beauty can get.
And those black stripes are velvety material! :D :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do you have obsessive-compulsive-disorder?

Item: Tartan Printed
Colour: Grey, Red, White
Price: RM50

I've always been a fan of tartan prints.
So I guess I need not say anymore eh?

Item: Owl Bag
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM80

This is super duper owlie can! :D
Night riders, go get one. It's pretty!

Item: Bling Bling Clutch
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM38

Okay, I'm gonna screeeeeeam. And my voice screeches a little.
Behold... I'm coming already... STEEEEAAAAAAALLLL! *cough*

Item: 2 in 1
Colour: Black, Brown, Grey
Price: RM78

An oversized tote, for uni or casual outing.
Handphone, camera, make up pouch, bottle water.
Yes, dump it all inside, and you'll still have room.

Item: Fringes
Colour: Black, Brown, Tan
Price: RM80

We need a fringe or two in our wardrobe, girls.
And this one makes me go WHOAAAHHH! :P

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love tartan prints!

Item: Tartan Satchel
Colour: Red, White
Price: RM70

I think I'm gonna buy this. Let's hope they have a few stock in hand.
So you tartan lovers out there can get it too, well, cox cox cox...
This is definitely mine! MINE! MINE! MINE! SAYA PUNYA! :P

Item: Tartan Speedy
Colour: Red, White
Price: RM65

LV lovers, don't come chasing after me with a knife but I think,
(just my opinion hor) that this speedy bag looks wayyy nicer
than the usual LV monogram speedy bag can! I mean it okie!
Okay, I don't care, this is definitely going under my wishlist.

Hey hey, you you!

Item: Pass Me The Clutch
Colour: B&W
Price: RM28

Let's play checkers on the clutch! Hey, it rhymes wei! :P

Item: The Perfect Bow
Colour: Red, Maroon, Green, Pink
Price: RM19

Indeed it is, the perfect clutch. Adorable duo-tone bow, girls!
Anything with bows, and I'm on for it. Can unleash the girly side.

Item: Sailor Girl
Colour: White and Pink
Price: RM42

Row row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
Merry merry merry merry, go get yourself this bag! :P

Item: Unique Stripes
Colour: Black, White
Price: RM98

This looks really outstanding, no? Casual, dinner, anything. :)

Item: Document Bag
Colour: Pink, White
Price: RM28

Can you believe it? So cheap can! Go grab one already can!
For you to fill in your office documents, or even for your colleague!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hanging over from Boxing Day!

Item: Lacey
Colour: Denim
Price: RM25

Looks like a mini dress to me! Girls, MUSTHAVE alert!

Item: Mod & Classy
Colour: Brown
Price: RM125

Somehow, this bag reminds me of honey bees.
I guess it's the lock that brings that thought.
Well, it's a lil pricey, but I think it's gorgeous! :D

Item: Biker Chic
Colour: Black, White
Price: RM55

Biker Chic yo! Gaya wei, don't cha think so?

Item: Woven Tote
Colour: Brown, Black, Olive Green
Price: RM65

Weavey weavey fans, rush over already! :P

Item: Cleef
Colour: Brown
Price: RM35

Very vintagey, I feel. And very affordable too! :D

Note from Miss TLF:
I am hanging over from Boxing Day. *pheeewww*
So tired from all the walking and yes, needless to say...
I just burnt a hole in my pocket. *sniffles* *sobs* *cries*
I've gotta eat Maggi and Indomee every day from now on.
Unless anybody is kind enough to donate me a bag.
Not that I'll sell it off to earn bucks, but to cheer me up!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

To all new, or avid readers of Miss TLF,

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D May you and your family be blessed with hope, peace and joy for this jolly season and the great year ahead. Have lots and lots of fun dressing up and attending parties! Don't forget to strut along proudly with your newly bought bag, because that's what I'll be doing tonight! ;) Cheers!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The eve.

Item: Oversize Clutch
Colour: Pink, Blue
Price: RM66

I love the moo-moo patches in pink! So suhweeet! :D

Item: Babe Handcarry Sling
Colour: White, Ebony
Price: RM78

I always adore the items TeAmo bring in. So classy! ;)

Item: Mini Cuoduory
Colour: Orange
Price: RM17

Santa, I've been bad. Cox I think of boobies when I see this bag.
*giggles* I hope there aren't any under 18 reading. Neways...
CHEAP!!! You've got to agree. Where can you get a bag for RM17?

Item: Patent Purse
Colour: Red, White, Black
Price: RM50

The many compartments for your moolah and cards! :D

Item: Beach Bag
Colour: Brown
Price: RM49

I love beach bags! And this is one very nice one, no?

Item: Gucci Monogram
Colour: Gold
Price: RM99

Why pay a few thousands when you can get it this cheap?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Item: Lollipop
Colour: Black
Price: RM12

If you do, get a lollipop! Very yummeh! :)
Cutesie cutesie and very affordable too!

Item: Holiday Straw Tote
Colour: Brown
Price: RM49

We need at least one straw bag in our wardrobe girls.
And this seem like the perfect one, no? Love the flower! :)

Item: Laptop Sleeves
Colour: As shown above
Price: Not available

Your lappie needs a home too, darls! Give them comfyness! :)

Item: Chess Board
Colour: Black
Price: RM45

I love checkered fashion items! Lovely! :D

Item: Giraffe In The House
Colour: Red, Black, Yellow
Price: RM50

You can have your giraffe prints in a variety of 3 colours! :D

Item: Take Me Out
Colour: Blue, Red
Price: RM48

Love the chain! Very very classy on the square shaped bag. ;)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Girls' night out! :) - THE END

And with that, I shall end my short story. Was it interesting? Come on, give me some feedback darls! ;) If you're a bookworm, just like I am, I hope you enjoyed it. For those of you who loathe reading, I'm sorry if it bore you.

But, as I've mentioned in the first part, there will be a contest held for you, my darling readers. And to be able to win the contest, you'll have to read the whole story come what may, so there's no escaping. My story might not beat Cecelia Ahern's creativity, but I've put in my very best for you. :D

My words might not be convincing enough to tempt you to read Girls' Night Out, but the prizes of this contest is absolutely amazing, that I'm sure they will win you girls over. All thanks to the generousity of Three Sixty Degree! *claps claps*.

LUXURIOUS PRIZE: *jeng jeng jeng*
1 x RM50 Cash Voucher

Grand Prize: 1 x RM25 Cash Voucher

It's a very simple contest. So, keep your ears eyes wide open. Let's begin, shall we, babes? :)

All you have to do is to send in an email to iamtlf@live.com, with subject '360 Degree', completing this slogan - 'I want to spin 360Degree because...' in 25 words. We will then judge how well you can spin and determine the winner based on how you've spun. Please do remember to leave your details with us alright? Just your name and contact number will do. :)

This contest ends at 12pm on the 25th December 2008. The two best spinners who emerge victorious will be notified via email the next day. So, if you want to walk away with the Luxurious or Grand prizes, hurry up already! I've already started the stop watch, and it is ticking by every minute now. What are you waiting for, girls? Start spinning your way in to Three Sixty Degree.

Mini, mini, miny, moe! ;)

Item: Faux Leather Fringe Bag
Colour: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, White
Price: RM50

I've only seen fringes in vertical directions and not horizontal ones like this! I say this is very unique, no? And those fringes feels like cats' whiskers. Haha! I'm trying to sound very creative here, if you didn't actually notice it. LOL! ;)

Item: Mod
Colour: White
Price: RM40

Simplicity at its best, babes! Gives you the classy look! :)

Item: Rock & Chain Tote
Colour: Black
Price: RM75

Chanel Inspired tote, guess I need not say more?

Item: Pandora
Colour: As shown above
Price: Not available

This is absolutely adorable, babes! :D
Personally love the pink and black one!

Girls' night out! :) - PART 5

"Ouch!" I screamed then laughed out loud.

"You and your never-ending funny jokes!" Carmen said.

"Ha-ha! Joke aside, I seriously need you to give me the blogshop address NOW!" I emphasized on the last bit of my sentence.

"Kiss my arse, and I'll bring you over," she said with a notorious look.

"Oh, if that's what you want, that's what you're gonna get, babe!" I joked.

"Okay okay, you daring b*tch! I'm not taking the risk. I'll bookmark it for you, sounds great?" she asked.

"Certainly do!" I said.

I was overwhelmed with excitement as she type in alphabet per alphabet. And finally, she hit on ENTER!

Three Sixty Degree

"Oh, did I mention I got a rebate from them?" Carmen asked as I drool over the varieties of designs, paying very little attention to her.

It was only after she nudged me did I realise, I was so indulged in this whole new experience. "What? How?" I asked as I continued to browse through, eyeing on already 5 pieces, in less than 10 minutes.

"They're having a year-end promotion. For every RM100 spent, you'll be given RM10 rebate," Carmen said.

"Looks like my rebate is waiting anxiously for me!" I said then laughed. "From this week onwards, we shall change our girls' night out to girl's night in! I can do without hitting the pub or club for a few months, darl. Save up on the moolah to do more e-shopping!" I suggested.

Carmen nodded in agreement as we continued to browse around while we sip our sparkling wine and have a lil, only a lil crackers. Oh well, consumption of junk food once in a while SHOULD be fine, I suppose.

* The End - To be continued...

Note: This short story is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of Miss TLF's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

With love...

Miss TLF found some really nice accessories dollie hanger.
And, I've decided to share the love with you, my virtual darlings.
They're really pretty that I bought 3 for myself. Woohoo! :D
Click on the link below to see the varieties & to send me some love.

Miss TLF

Support me alright? Thank you! Thank you! :)

From, Miss TLF! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Girls' night out! :) - PART 4

"Okay okay… As you were saying…" I trailed off.

"Yes this is better, thank you. I've checked them out and this online boutique offers really stylish fashion items! They have tops for fashionable casual look, and also professional apparels too. They hold on to this unique concept of combining easy-to-wear styles with mix-and-match flexibility," she explained, looking all expert. Oh well, after all, this is what she does best as an online fashion magazine editor.

"Gosh, Carm! This is getting exciting! But then again, are online boutiques worthy of our trust?" Being an amateur at this whole cyber shopping experience, I certainly have more questions than not.

"I've bought several items from them, and I've got to give this to them, Rach. Transactions were quick, and the owners behind the boutique were really friendly and helpful too. Well, like this top here that I'm wearing? This is among the items I got from them. To be really frank, they're not only comfortable, the best bit of all is their affordability!" she continued.

"You've got to be kidding me. Carm, are you serious? You bought this from them? You look awesome, girl. I thought you bought this from some branded designer clothing stores," I said as I went through the details of Carmen's top. "But everyone is going to be wearing the same thing considering the affordable price and great quality."

"Ha-ha! You're wrong, fussy pot! Their products are available only in limited quantities as they try their best to maintain our individuality. Rest assured, you won't be bumping into many girls on the street with the same outfit. Amazing, aren't they?" Carmen explained.

"Wow! I'm starting to have this very good impression of them. When was it did you buy this? I might want to have a check if they have something similar," I said.

"I bought this last week but I'm sure you won't want anything similar to this once you feast your eyes on their updates. I was told via the email that they bring in new arrivals every fortnightly so as to suit our needs. Looks like they're aware that our personal style constantly evolves according to what's in-trend. We can browse through the latest styles at our leisure, anytime, anywhere. Now you see why I love the Internet so much, huh?" she teased.

"Now I know. With a click of the mouse, we get our desired fashion items delivered right to our doorstep. Simply amazing! I've got to really catch up with the cyber space. I feel like an outdated grandma. What else do they sell online, huh?" I asked.

"They've got everything, hun. You name it, they have it. What? Don't look at me like that. I am serious! From a whole variety of tops, to everyday or occasion dresses, skirts, trousers, statement tees, belts, and even jewelry," she patiently shared her knowledge.

"Whoah!" I gasped. "I think it is coming… Oh, it is! I can feel it."

"What is coming, babe?" Carmen asked curiously.

"It's here – my fashiongasm. Ahhh, bliss!" And I moaned really loudly.

*Part 5 - To be continued...

Note: This short story is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of Miss TLF's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Girls' night out! :) - PART 3

"You sure know how to enjoy life, girl. If only I get to work free-lance, I'll have plenty of time to rejuvenate myself with this new face mask of mine," I said, green in envy.

"Wasn't this the one you bought a fortnight ago, when we were at KLCC?" Carmen asked.

"Indeed, it is. You know how my mask finishes less than a week after I've bought them. Work has definitely taken its toll on me. I haven't even got time to apply masks every night anymore. Look at my skin. So wrinkly and awful looking," I sighed with a frown on my face.

"Don’t fret, darling. At least you're earning big bucks! When the tough gets going, the going gets tough. You knew it was going to be hard being a boss lady, but being the ambitious-self that you are, you wouldn't let such a great opportunity slip by without even giving it a try. After all, you've got great potential in succeeding. I believe in you, babe," Carmen comforted me.

"Aww hun! You really do know how to make me feel better. But let's not talk about work tonight. Topic closed! What happened to our e-shopping?" I teased.

"Oh, yes! The whole purpose of tonight's cathing up! Remember Megan? Nick's colleague?" Carmen asked.

"Nick as in your boyfriend Nick, or our high school annoying mate, Nick Tan?" I asked, trying to act all silly, and we both burst out into laughters.

"Of course I remember Meg. A crazy shopaholic, she is. She labels herself as the Fashionista of the Year and she dresses like she's a celebrity. Ha-ha! Tell me Carm, how can I forget someone who dresses as if she got invited to a ball when all we had that night were the charcoal grill and sausages?" I spoke in between really loud giggles.

"Rach! That's really mean of you to say that. Oh, I can't help but agree though!" she breaks into hysterical high-pitched laughters. "Damn! I miss these gossip sessions with you. We've got to do this more often, girl. Anyway, as I was saying, Meg recommended this online boutique to me, and boy was I amazed,” Carmen said.

"How amazing? To be able to meet up to Meg's expectation, I would suppose they sell plenty of occasion dresses that can be worn to BBQ parties then?" I hazarded a guess.

"Ha-ha-ha! Rach, you've got to stop pulling my leg or I'll never finish what I'm trying to say here," Carmen hissed at me.

*Part 4 - To be continued...

Note: This short story is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of Miss TLF's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Updates, babes! :D

Item: Christmas Angel
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM15

Angelic touch! :D Me likey. They've got devils' one too!

Item: Mystic Diamond (L), Mystic Ruby (R)
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM18 each

Get a set of it, for him and for her. Couply yayness! :D

Bestest thing of all is Penny has turned herself into Santarina! :P
She's giving away this cutie keychains if you purchase RM30/above.
So sweet of her, isn't it? You too can be sweet to be your hp a home!

Item: Cherrylicious
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM270

Cherries! They're my favourite! :D

Item: Elegant Denim Bucket
Colour: As shown above
Price: RM2900

Not a fan of replicas, fret not! They've got authentic ones! :D

Item: Barcelona Seduction Marilyn D
Colour: White, Moss Green, Black
Price: RM45

Very very trendy canvas bag! :D

Item: Barcelona Seduction Mica
Colour: White, Moss Green, Black
Price: RM39

Beautiful, ain't it? :D

Item: Miu Miu Inspired Bag
Colour: White
Price: RM75

Inspired bags in the house darls! Go check them out!

Item: Ring On Hobo
Colour: Brown
Price: RM100

Don't you think this looks so fabulous, girls? :)
Well, simply because it's Jimmy Choo inspired.

Item: Quilt
Colour: Purple
Price: RM80

Girls, if you've been following Miss TLF's ranting...
I guess I need not say more eh? OMG! PURPLEE!! :D
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D