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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A jumbled up mix!

Have I mentioned before how much I used to loathe polka dots?
But now I totally *heart* polka dots to the maximum! Seriously.


Don't you babes find this wristlet/clutch unique?
It's like as though it's wearing a clincher! Cuteness!


I love how the bag has flaps like doggie's ears!
And what more when those flaps are in stripes!
I guess I haven't yet gotten over stripes. *big grin*


So big and convenient to chuck everything in. *giggles*
They have one in smaller stripes and plain black too! :)


xoxo, Mode Lane

They've just only brought in pretty clutches! :D
Now they've brought in pretty bags too! Wooots!
Comes together with bag charms too if you noticed!
I totally adore the one far left - the colours so bright!


Omgosh! This is just too cute and pretty! :D
And oh, if you can't see, it's Naraya, babes!


I remember reviewing a bucket bag in almost similar design.
So, if you're no big fan of bucket bags, fret not darlings!
Because now they've brought to us shoulder bags too! :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Denimmmmmm fever! ;)

Red just goes so well with denim!!! *awww*
And hey, again it's another bucket bag!!! Love.


This is just... *pause*... absolutely gorgeous!!! ♥


xoxo, Fascinate

I don't know, I just love anything at all they bring in. ;)
You may say I'm biased but they have awesome taste!


Oh man, this vintage bag is soooo sweeeeet! *hearts*
But unfortunately, they're SOLD OUT already. :'(
Try asking if it's possible for a restock. *fingers crossed*


xoxo, Winkstick

Designers are getting more and more creative.
Now we even have studded bucket bags, babes!


I totally adore this bag, yes like TOTALLY adore.
You should know if you've read the last post. :P
They have two extra colours for us - purple and khaki!
They're also cheaper by RM11, cox this is a pre-order.
If you can't wait, you may get yours from Bolster Store. :)


They have a couple of vintagey bags for us! ;)
Comes in plain brown, checkered and stripes!


If you're a fan of florals, then go ahead for either the two.
But if you're up to simplicity, they have plain colours too! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The comeback! :D

I might have gone MIA for a tad while for the past weeks...
But that doesn't mean that I've lost touch with updates. ;)
These are my utmost favourites while I was away. *giggles*

Item: Bag Model 9012

I went goo-goo-gaa-gaa over this darling can!!! :D
Comes in four pretty colours for you to choose from.
Rose pink, Creamy white, Light gold, and Shiny black.


Item: S102

Do you know that I have this OCD in deciding? *shrugs*
Especially between colours!!! I always have problems.
Had a hard time deciding between the grey and the red.
I was looking and looking and looking and now I prefer red.


Item: Dreamer

One of a kind bucket bag, my darlings!
I super heart heart heart the blue one.
But I was one step too late... *sobsob*
It's only available in brown now. Sigh. :(


Item: Chainery

Another that I *heart* oh-so-much!
Came in 5 colours, and now left in 1.
Once again, I was late by one step...
And there goes my favourite colour! *cries*


Item: Golden Buckle Soft Tote

Almost similar to the 2nd bag I reviewed above, yes?
Only these ones seem to be made of canvas on the top.


Item: Dream House

Totally adorable already can!
And the zipper is a star yo! ;)

Do you all have an idea of how your dream house looks like? When I was younger, I used to draw out plans like an architect. I think I still have copies of them back home. When I was much younger, my dream house looks just like the one above. The red roof, white walls, fences and blue windows. Ahhh, those nostalgic moments~


Item: Union Jack Sequined Bag

You know how these Union Jack flags are so in trend?
Earlier on, there were only a few designs in blue...
But now it comes in white and black too. (Where's pink?)
I reckon sequins are pretty! I love love sequins. *heart*


Item: Hello Lolita

They've got themselves a pretty brand there! :D
I love love love all the items that they bring in.
They're having another update this Monday...
So better watch out for lots and lots of yummehs! ;)


xoxo, Mode Lane
Item: Clutches

Clutches! Looks like they're made of satin-like material.
You'd definitely want to have one to bring out to flaunt. ;)


Item: Coin Purses

Last but not least.... We have coin purses!
Wait, allow me to rephrase that again....
Very very pretty coin purses!!! *suhweeeet*

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tied up in a ribbon! ;)

Yeap! I've got a surprise for you girls! :D :D :D
Are you excited to find out what's in that gift box?
Let's unveil the surprise together-gether, shall we?

*jeng jeng jeng*


Reebonz is Asia Pacific's first exclusive online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales. Like its tagline "Unveil the surprise" suggests, Reebonz is akin to a present. Once you untie the "reebonz", a surprise awaits you!

This refers to the "events" that Reebonz hold, which last for a short period of time and that are open exclusively to members only. Brands that have made their appearance on Reebonz previously include Miu Miu (!!!), Prada, Coach and Kate Spade. More importantly, discounts at Reebonz can go up to 70% for some products!

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Yes, events such as the ones listed above! I know right... It's such a waste that we're only knowing about them like now!!! We've missed out on so much FUN already, no?

I know, I was sighing and sighing, just like what you're doing now as you read this... But lemme tell you what, FRET NOT! Why? Because they have moreeeeee events coming up for us, babes! *hip hip hurray*

Among their upcoming exciting events are, *cough cough* hint: COACH up to 60% discount. That's the most I'll spill. To find out about the other events, you gotta HOP ON OVER to find out. ;)

Oh yes, because it is exclusive and private like that, you will need a password to get in. So there you go my darlings, here's your code:

Yeap, just key in "lux-fash" and you'll be given access inside. ;)

Oh oh, before I go, for those who are interested to know more about Reebonz and their private sales (I know this is what we're after only right?!!! *bluek* Sheesh, why am I so straight forward like that?), you may join their Facebook fan page or visit their blog. :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to dazzle your wardrobes! ;)

This special feature is brought to you by:

Dazzling Wardrobe

This is my favourite among the lot! :D
It's simple and defines your figure well.
You can pair it with leggings, or without.
Simplicity at its best, don't cha think so babes?

Laced butterfly wings babes! Not just that!
This piece can be worn off-shoulder too!
Comes in four colours! But I prefer teal best.

Tiered dress for a cocktail night?
Or simply for a date to the movies?
Depends on how you accessorize, really.
Best part is, comes with a free clincher! :D

If you wanna go sexy, sure thing babes! ;)
Keep that inner white top for another day.
It comes together with the top FOR FREE.
Oh, and that leather strap? It's adjustable yo!

Are any of you still very into bows here?
I won't say I am not, cox I think I still am.

If like me you have flabby arms, it's better to cover.
But if you have nice toned arms, FLAUNT IT can! ;)
If you're adventurous, go for the brighter colour.
Otherwise, just stick to the classic grey. Looks pretty too!

And perhaps an elastic black clincher with gold buckle?
It goes well with pretty much everything. Easy to match!

And who says it's a lil too over to wear a scarf in Malaysia?
Come on! Nothing's wrong yeah babes! This is what we call...

FASHION!!! *wooooots* :D

They're currently giving FREE POS LAJU for all items. And if you sign up to be their follower, you're automatically entitled to 10% discount. Hmmm... Let's see, you can save quite a lot there can? So hurry up and head over to make your purchase already babes before they end the promotion! The early bird catches the worm. *winkwink*

Dazzling Wardrobe

Have a great week, my dear readers! :)
And thank you for the supportive emails.
I appreciate them a lot. I'm doing better now.
Just gotta finish up my assignments....
You girls miss me, don't cha? *blush*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Epi unBirthday!

We've got mail!!! :D
We've got mail!!! :D
We've got mail!!! :D


My dearest shopaholics,

You are cordially invited to my Happy Un-Birthday Party. If partying all night is fun, partying ONE WHOLE MONTH must then be MAD! So I am having the party last from 26th August to 30th September 2009.

And what is a party without shopping, and I mean buying handbags at 70% discounts for that matter. But I am told by the Mad Hatter that his moods are a little berserk, causing the bag prices to grow and shrink at random days.

This is my party schedule:
26th Aug - 29th Sep: OPEN SALES AT 50% OFF

Yes, you read right about the Secret Sales. I'm making it close and personal, to make sure we get only the SERIOUS SHOPAHOLICS, no trespassers allowed! And to prove you can shop till you drop, all you need to do is send this invitation here to another 11 shopaholic friends to get the secret password! Remember to CC to unbirthday@alicewonders.com.

Wait! Did I mention there is a FREE bag of your choice given away too?! The person with the LONGEST email invite throughout 26th August to 30th September will WIN A FREE BAG!

xoxo, Alice

P/S: FREE DELIVERY no matter how much you spend, when payment is made in the next 24 hours!

P/P/S: No discount coupons are allowed during mad hours unless stated up front.


Hang on! There's more for you babes. Yes, totally EXCLUSIVE for Miss TLF's darlings. Do you fancy any of these bags?

Do you want to walk away with any bag of YOUR CHOICE for FREE? Yes, you heard me right... Like absolutely FREE, can! *screams*

If your answer is a YES, all you gotta do is...

1) Head over to your email account like right now and hit on COMPOSE MAIL.

2) Put on your thinking cap.

3) Compose an invitation to AliceWonders.com unBirthday Party Sale in the most creative way possible. Try beating Alice to that.

4) Forward the invitation to as many people as possible. Don't forget to add me (iamtlf@live.com) into the mailing list or I won't be able to judge and your email won't count.

5) Just sit back and relax! If your email is the MOST CREATIVE invitation I've ever received, you'll just walk away with a FREE BAG OF YOUR CHOICE.

Yeappie do! It is THAT simple babes, so simply allow your creativity to creep up your mind and take control. Let's go hippie-happie-hoppie at this cool unBirthday party sales already! :D You can start having your emails rolling in already, like now. Yes, emails... Take note of the 's' because you can send in more than once!

Contest ends 9th September 2009 [09.09.09] at 9pm sharp.
AliceWonders.com unBirthday Party Sales - is the party to be at!
I'm sure you don't wanna miss out up to 70% discount sales...
So do remember to mark 30th September on your calendar! :)
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D