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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The comeback! :D

I might have gone MIA for a tad while for the past weeks...
But that doesn't mean that I've lost touch with updates. ;)
These are my utmost favourites while I was away. *giggles*

Item: Bag Model 9012

I went goo-goo-gaa-gaa over this darling can!!! :D
Comes in four pretty colours for you to choose from.
Rose pink, Creamy white, Light gold, and Shiny black.


Item: S102

Do you know that I have this OCD in deciding? *shrugs*
Especially between colours!!! I always have problems.
Had a hard time deciding between the grey and the red.
I was looking and looking and looking and now I prefer red.


Item: Dreamer

One of a kind bucket bag, my darlings!
I super heart heart heart the blue one.
But I was one step too late... *sobsob*
It's only available in brown now. Sigh. :(


Item: Chainery

Another that I *heart* oh-so-much!
Came in 5 colours, and now left in 1.
Once again, I was late by one step...
And there goes my favourite colour! *cries*


Item: Golden Buckle Soft Tote

Almost similar to the 2nd bag I reviewed above, yes?
Only these ones seem to be made of canvas on the top.


Item: Dream House

Totally adorable already can!
And the zipper is a star yo! ;)

Do you all have an idea of how your dream house looks like? When I was younger, I used to draw out plans like an architect. I think I still have copies of them back home. When I was much younger, my dream house looks just like the one above. The red roof, white walls, fences and blue windows. Ahhh, those nostalgic moments~


Item: Union Jack Sequined Bag

You know how these Union Jack flags are so in trend?
Earlier on, there were only a few designs in blue...
But now it comes in white and black too. (Where's pink?)
I reckon sequins are pretty! I love love sequins. *heart*


Item: Hello Lolita

They've got themselves a pretty brand there! :D
I love love love all the items that they bring in.
They're having another update this Monday...
So better watch out for lots and lots of yummehs! ;)


xoxo, Mode Lane
Item: Clutches

Clutches! Looks like they're made of satin-like material.
You'd definitely want to have one to bring out to flaunt. ;)


Item: Coin Purses

Last but not least.... We have coin purses!
Wait, allow me to rephrase that again....
Very very pretty coin purses!!! *suhweeeet*

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