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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's play a little game, shall we?

EDIT: The Game has been put to a stop. :)

Remember the XOXO Award I introduced to you babes a while ago?

The XOXO Award
*Click on banner for previous info!*

I've decided to change the rules a little here and there. *giggles* I reckon it would take too long for a blogshop to win the *Bag of the Day!* title 9 times. Thus, a new idea pops up at the back of my head. Here's how we play the game:

Every start of the month, I'll choose from the list of blogshops that have earned the most *Bag of the Day!* title over the past one month in descesding order. There'll be five slots a month, and the voting will be on for one whole month. :) At the end of the month, the poll will be closed and the winner will then be awarded with the XOXO Award from Miss TLF! :)

And of course, they will deserve a tiny weeny gift from me as promised. I'll place their banner link on my sidebar for a week long! :) How does that sound to you, babes? I'm leaving the voting to you, my fellow readers, to decide on who you want to give the XOXO Award to. Interesting much? Feel free to drop me an email me at iamtlf@live.com for further details should you not understand anything at all! :)

And with that, the game shall commence tomorrow! :D

I am a Hollywood star! ;)

This special feature is brought to you by Autumn Chong! ;)

This is the inspired version of the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag that we've been seeing of quite a lot lately with Hollywood hottest celebrities going around town with one in hand. Be it black, pink, violet, yellow or brown, it's up to your own preference. Paris Hilton hit it off perfectly with pink, and you'll probably look even more stunning than she can with this RM75 darling? ;)

Comes in a variety of colours, this darling who is priced at RM79, is no longer a stranger to us bagaholics! We've seen plenty of this Chanel Inspired bag in the blogosphere, no? I know what's going around your head right now. You're questioning it's price, am I right?

Well, it is undeniably true that it's slightly more expensive than other blogshops around, no doubt. But you have her words for it. It's of superb grade quality and she, the lady boss behind this spree, always believe that you pay for what you get.

We know that there's a hierarchy for the production of inspired bags too, ranging from AA quality to AAA quality. I bet you've heard of that, no? And this probably is of higher class. :) But then again, you can always contact Autumn via email at autumn_0531@hotmail.com for further information. :) 

I've been around here for quite some time to have made friends with a couple of other e-shopaholics out there. Many claim that the Chanel Inspired Quilted bag is overrated. Indeed, it is. As overrated as it is, I personally still adore it much. Especially the one in baby pink! It's just too gorgeous to resist, no? ;)

But oh well, if you don't like it, means you don't. I know how different people have different tastes. If you still are a fan of quilted bags, why not opt for this unique heart-shaped-quilted bag? Bigger in size, but only slightly more expensive - RM84. The straps are almost similar to that of the Chanel Inspired, but the material is different. This is made of patent and it's very much glossier. :)

I'm not quite done with quilted bags just yet. Below my babes, is the NY quilted patent tote bag. With the bold colours of alphabet N and Y stitched on the front, one's head is sure to turn in green envy of this pretty baby. RM85 is not too bad a price for such a pretty tote, can?

*One, two, get set, FIGHT!*

Which side are you going to be standing on, babes? The White Team or The Black Team? I'm voting for the Blackies! :) Simply because I think they're exuberantly classy. Hohoho! What? I can't really hear you... The cheers are really loud! Did you say neither suits your taste? You're a more wacky and adventurous person? Fret not, babes! This baby comes also in bright pink and baby blue! :D


But you gotta clickey click HERE for more pictures and details! :)
I know you definitely will, because you're excited already, aren't you?
Better hurry girls, because her spree is ending on the 5th April!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday blues! :(

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Tweed Bag
Price: RM42

Totally adore the design and shape of this bag! :)
What more with such a lovely charm to accessorize it.
Easter is not too far away, anyone wants to surprise Miss TLF?


Item: Furrylicious
Price: RM33

Indeed it is furry! Lady-like, trendy and elegant! ;)


Item: Black Bag
Price: RM150

Hmm, it's really pretty expensive for RM150.
But if you love the colourful weaved design, grab! :)


xoxo, SWAK
Item: Dual Tone Clutch
Price: RM35

It's pretty hard looking for a dual tone clutch, no?
But here's one for you to match your dinner dress. 


Item: Gucci Craze
Price: RM89

They once again brought in more Gucci replica wallets!
Looking as real as they can, that's quite cheap no? :D


Item: LV Vernis Tote
Price: RM500

It's really quite true, to be honest, except for the colour.
But apparently, it's the lighting effect. So, it's all gooood! :D


Item: Pia Zadora
Price: RM38

Spot the sparkling diamantes, babes! :D


Item: Smally
Price: RM35

Not too small for a sling, and not too big for a handbag. :)
What's there left to complain eh, girls? And it's cheap too!


Item: Cuilte
Price: RM42

Cute, cuilte, cute! The pretty casual bag! :D


Item: LV Stephen Sprouse Collection
Price: RM80

Eighty Ringgit! Yes, 80!!! Run already, don't stand there.
Go grab and race to the finishing line before someone else does.

Item: Camel Compartment Lover's Bag
Price: RM52

Zippers here, zippers there, compartments everywhere.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hangover from clubbing, babes? :P

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Fancy Schmancy
Price: RM79

Quited and big and pretty! Perfecto! :D
Comes in 4 colours but I think yellow's best!


xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Anna Bag 2
Price: RM35

Whoah! That's one great bargain, can! :D
Totally adore bucket bags! Very ang-moh feel. :P


xoxo, Se.xx.y
Item: Zahara
Price: RM55

Heh, glamour! First they had grey and silver, now black!
I wonder if Angelina Jolie's daughter would love this bag? :P


Item: Guccissima
Price: RM70

Very classy look, no? Comes in two designs. ;)
I highly recommend to get these if you're into vintage.


Item: Miss Selfridge Sling
Price: RM50

This is a pre-loved item, babes! :D If you don't mind, grab!
 One woman's junk can be another woman's treasure! :D


Item: Darla
Price: RM59

There aren't lots of bags in this shapes in the market.
Totally spacious to fit all your junkies! Yayness!!! :D


Item: BT Clutch
Price: RM25

I tried counting the number of compartments... 
But but... I lost count! :'( Too many already! :P
And that's a steal can for the price so affordable!


Item: Check Your Bag
Price: RM49

Have you checked your bag already? What?!! No?
Go ahead and check this one out then! So checkered trendy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you a Victoria Secret fan?

If you are, you better hold it while I spill the beans!

Slashed from RM150 to RM120, they're offering it with free delivery!
And for mentioning you're Miss TLF's reader, you get an extra 10%!
The same goes to the VS Logo Tote below! RM170 + 10% discount!

As for the VS Traveler Bag below...

Was originally priced at RM250! But now, it's only RM200!!!
And you can 20% discount slashed off by being Miss TLF's reader!

What are you still waiting for, girls? *woohoo!!!*
Hurry up and hop over to Princess Feverlicious! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ohaiyo! :D

*Bag (Wristlet) of the Day!*

Item: Yummy Juicy
Price: RM50

Fancy a pretty wristlet? Here's a few of them! :)
They might be replicas, but they look just as good!


Item: Pink Stripes
Price: RM55

They're not exactly stripes to be exact. :P
But I simply adore this simple yet gorgeous bag!


Item: Chanel Inspired Long
Price: RM55

Quilted wallets ala Chanel Inspired, babes!
Comes in three different colours and sizes too!
You can choose the small, medium or large. :P


Item: Coach Bag
Price: RM20

I first thought there was something wrong with my eyes.
But I kept blinking. Open. Close. Open. Close. It's still RM20!


Item: I am no Plain Jane
Price: RM53.88

So farnee one the price! :P But this is definitely not your
typical handbag can! Ah ha! There's white & black too! :)


xoxo, Cattique
Item: Bags For All
Price: RM35

Miss TLF wants the red and white stripey one!!!
Anyone kind wana buy that gorgeous baby for me?


Item: Clutch
Price: RM42

Not a fan of purple? Don't like green? Fret not babes! :D
There's red and black too! You gotta have one of these kay?


Item: BN001
Price: RM35

When I saw the word Narnia, the movie came to mind.
And all I had in mind was that lion! Hahaha! *bluek* :P
Anyway, this bag is such a uber cutie pie, can! Chic!


Item: Celine
Price: RM68 (RM60)

They look like flower petals to me. Hmmm...
Or something else I can't think right now? :P
But who cares as long as it's nice, right right?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miss TLF misplaced her sunnies! :'(

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Sac De MJ
Price: N/A

The price wasn't available though I'd love to know too.
I love love the off-white one a lot and I think I wana buy!


Item: Sling bag 2
Price: RM40

Is that a wild zebra hanging down your shoulders? :P


Item: British Check
Price: RM47

It's pretty obvious we're still going ooh-aah over...
Yes! Tartan prints! Even myself keep going goo-gaa! :D


Item: Quilted City Bag
Price: RM65

It has the vintagey feel. Yet the classy sophisticated look!


Item: Embroidered Make-Up Pouches
Price: RM15

It's so pretty, ain't it? Very lady-like, no? :)


Item: E-Series
Price: RM20

It's actually way smaller than it looks in this pict.
Feel free to hit on the blogshop link for more picts! :)


Item: Fringe Benefit
Price: RM89

The fringes still haven't left. Sticking around! :P


Item: LV Brown Print
Price: RM120

Fuiyoh! It looks so un-replica, right? :D
And it's only going for RM120! That's a steal!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keep going with the poll! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, A Shopaholic Epitomist
Item: Checkered Bowling Bag
Price: RM55

I love love love tartans! Teehee. So pretty!!! :D
Comes in red, black&white, as well as PURPLE!
It's a pre-order though, that I must warn you girls.


xoxo, Se.xx.y
Item: Mischa
Price: RM55

Glitter your way through the crowd, darls!
Big and beautiful. That's the way to go! *cheers*


Item: Sheer Strawberry
Price: RM42

Stripey bag again! Me likey much!
And it's reddish! With bear! Woohoo! :D


xoxo, Glitz 23
Item: Little Purse
Price: RM25

With free postage, what's not to love about this baby?
Comes in a variety of colours for you to choose! :D
And did I mention, it's Agnes B? Really famous brand in HK!


Item: The Turn On Bag
Price: RM48

Are you.. erm.. turned on already? :P


Item: Croc Clutch
Price: RM28

Are you a member? Get RM3 slashed off for this baby.
Personally adore the purple one much. Yes yes yes! :P
I know I'm still into this whole purple obsession world.


xoxo, Drestres
Item: Satin Bag
Price: RM40

The perfect everyday bag that won't get dirty.
Take it to coll, or on casual dates. Up to you! ;)


Item: Tous Clutch
Price: RM35

Everything in the fashion world now is inspired.
This is another one girls. Colourful teddies all over.


xoxo, Footy Bag
Item: Anna Sui Shoulder Carrier
Price: RM170

More English garden vintage roses bag! :D
Anna Sui inspired, babes. I love Anna Sui lots.
But they're having lotsa inspired items already.
If you have no prob with that, go make your pick.
Don't like white? What bout black or pink? ;)


xoxo, Jade Style
Item: Gucci Inspired Purse
Price: RM30

Going at a RM5 slash babes! *steal*
Gucci or more like Guess inspired? :)


Item: Her Fav
Price: RM40

Ka Mon, the blogshop owner, adores this to the max!
In fact, I personally like it a lot too. Teeheehee. :D
No worries of getting lost in the woods. There's a map.
Geez, that was lame. But I hope it sparked a smile. :)
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D