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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keep going with the poll! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, A Shopaholic Epitomist
Item: Checkered Bowling Bag
Price: RM55

I love love love tartans! Teehee. So pretty!!! :D
Comes in red, black&white, as well as PURPLE!
It's a pre-order though, that I must warn you girls.


xoxo, Se.xx.y
Item: Mischa
Price: RM55

Glitter your way through the crowd, darls!
Big and beautiful. That's the way to go! *cheers*


Item: Sheer Strawberry
Price: RM42

Stripey bag again! Me likey much!
And it's reddish! With bear! Woohoo! :D


xoxo, Glitz 23
Item: Little Purse
Price: RM25

With free postage, what's not to love about this baby?
Comes in a variety of colours for you to choose! :D
And did I mention, it's Agnes B? Really famous brand in HK!


Item: The Turn On Bag
Price: RM48

Are you.. erm.. turned on already? :P


Item: Croc Clutch
Price: RM28

Are you a member? Get RM3 slashed off for this baby.
Personally adore the purple one much. Yes yes yes! :P
I know I'm still into this whole purple obsession world.


xoxo, Drestres
Item: Satin Bag
Price: RM40

The perfect everyday bag that won't get dirty.
Take it to coll, or on casual dates. Up to you! ;)


Item: Tous Clutch
Price: RM35

Everything in the fashion world now is inspired.
This is another one girls. Colourful teddies all over.


xoxo, Footy Bag
Item: Anna Sui Shoulder Carrier
Price: RM170

More English garden vintage roses bag! :D
Anna Sui inspired, babes. I love Anna Sui lots.
But they're having lotsa inspired items already.
If you have no prob with that, go make your pick.
Don't like white? What bout black or pink? ;)


xoxo, Jade Style
Item: Gucci Inspired Purse
Price: RM30

Going at a RM5 slash babes! *steal*
Gucci or more like Guess inspired? :)


Item: Her Fav
Price: RM40

Ka Mon, the blogshop owner, adores this to the max!
In fact, I personally like it a lot too. Teeheehee. :D
No worries of getting lost in the woods. There's a map.
Geez, that was lame. But I hope it sparked a smile. :)

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