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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sex you might regret having... For the rest of your life!

People often say that if a man has a one-night stand, he'd be celebrating his victory the following day and will receive high fives from friends.

But if a woman has a one-night stand, she either must have been looking for more, and was fooled, or she made a terrible mistake.

That, however, is not always the case.

Twenty-year-old Adrian* used to be a frequent clubber and was at this dance club one Friday night with his bunch of friends, where he met sexy, flirtatious Jane. They hit it off almost instantly and she followed him back to his place for a one-night stand.

Adrian woke up the next morning with a terrible hangover to find Jane already gone. He wasn't bothered, of course. I mean, when a guy and a girl meets at some place (usually dance club) and decides to have a one-night stand, the next day either party would leave without saying anything and that's pretty normal.

It wasn't until he stepped into his toilet, to find these words, printed on his mirror, in bright red lipstick - WELCOME TO AIDS!

Adrian stood there shocked, and at the same time, hoping it was only a joke she wanted to pull on him. He nonetheless got himself tested, and the results came back proving him to be HIV positive.

His world came crumbling down and Adrian had no idea what to do. He didn't know who she was. In fact, he was so tipsy that night, he could barely even remember how Jane looks like.

I mean, if you're hooking up with someone for one night of sex with no strings attached, it's only normal not to exchange any personal info with them so they can't track you down and stalk you later.

It was the same with Jane. He didn't have her phone number, let alone any information about her. Even if he did though, there was nothing that he could do to turn back time.

I feel sorry for Adrian. He's only the same age as I am, and he had such a long way to go in life... Until he encountered Jane.

Imagine yourself in his shoes, knowing that you only have ten years more or so to live... Just because of that few hours of pleasure. That one-night stand must be the one thing he regretted doing for the rest of his life. His life is ruined overnight just like that.

Jane must have been transmitted with AIDS by some ruthless bastard, and was out to take revenge. Adrian could possibly be just one of her many other victims. And may I add that there are plenty out there like Jane? You'll never know if the next cute guy/girl you hit at the club is HIV-infected or not.

So people, before you let yourself lose control, think twice about the consequences. What's the fun of banging some stranger for a couple of minutes of pleasure, and taking the risk of being infected with STDs?

*Note: This short story is based on a true story. However, names given to characters are the product of author's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spot the difference!

Can you spot any difference?

Anyone who gets the right answer gets a virtual *hug* from me! :P 

The answer is:  *drumrolls*

*jeng jeng jeng*


You never knew that lashes could still grow right?

Well, technically, they can't grow any longer but with Ardell, it's possible!

This product is Ardell's Brows and Lashes Growth Accelerator serum. ;)

You can apply it on your brows for thicker lines if you wish...

Or apply on your lashes for longerrrrrrrrr lashes...
Admit it, it's something we all girls want, isn't it? ;)

I love longer lashes, and after using Ardell serum for a month almost every night (sometimes I forget), my lashes really did grow! The difference is specifically vast when I apply mascara. It's like, WHOAH!!! I iz so happy! :D :D :D

Before - 9th October 2010  | After - 9th November 2010

Note to self: take picture of lashes after applying mascara! You know I've told myself that like a million times already, but I keep forgetting. :$

So, you ask, where can you get this magical serum?

Where else if not...
Supermodels' Secrets
Supermodel's Secret! :D

Now I wish if only I can apply such a serum like that so my hair can grow long faster too. I will diligently apply, if there's really such a thing as a LONGER HAIR SERUM.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In a blink of an eye. ;)

*In-a-Blink Instant Eyeshadow*
(Product review proudly sponsored by Supermodel's Secret)

Before I used the instant eyeshadow, I thought to myself, "Aiseh, why the heck do I need this for?" I have my eyeshadow palettes and they're good enough.

But after my first try with the instant eyeshadow, I fell head over heels with this product. It really can come in handy, especially when you're in a rush to head out, and you need a light make-up on.

I know it's a REALLY bad habit but I'm the sort of person who'd rather spend an extra 10 minutes snoozing, then get up realising "OH SHIT, I'M GONNA BE LATE GODDAMNIT!" :$

They come in 5 different shades, with 3 color tones per pair as seen above.
Tropical Sunset | Glam Pink | Island Breeze | Pink Shimmer | Candy Pink

Can you see how pretty the glimmer is? I loikey!!! :D

The In-a-Blink instant eyeshadow really does work in a snap of a finger.
Remove eyeshadow sponge from packaging, apply, slide then blend...
And you're done! Yes, within 10 seconds! How awesome is that already? ;)

Among all the five shades available, I love the Glam Pink most! :D
Which explains why this review focuses mainly on this shade. *giggles*

I took close-up shots of my eyes to show you the after-application effect.
I hope my eyes do not appear scary especially with colored contacts on. :$

↑ Before blending | After blending ↓
After application, use your finger tip to gently blend the colors into each other so that it doesn’t look like the colors are so starkly lined. If you're in a hurry, you're good to go after a simple coat of mascara. I swear mascara does make a difference to your eyes!

But if you have the time, draw on a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lash line to define your eyes. Follow up with a coat of mascara on your curled lashes, or if you wish, you may apply fake lashes. They do contribute in making your eyes appear more attractive. ;)

Also, one of the best tips I've learnt is to line the inner corner of your bottom lash line with a bright sparkly colour to accentuate your eyes and give them some definition, as seen in picture (bottom right) above.

You may then finish off your look by applying a rosy cheek. And of course, before coating your luscious lips with lip gloss, don't forget your Carmex for moist lips all day long. ;)

When applying make-up, I reckon our eyes are one of the most important parts of the face. I believe your eyes are the focal point. If your eyes are perfect, then everything else will just seem to fall into place. And with the instant eyeshadow, you can never go wrong.

You'd probably want to get 2 pairs first to "test it out", but to be really frank, I reckon getting 12 pairs straight would be best. ;) Because I swear it can never be enough even with 12 pairs, especially if you wear make-up on a daily basis.

It is just so convenient and easy-to-apply that you'd want to use it again and again. And buying 12 pairs in a go saves you $$$ too! ;)

↑ Without flash | With flash ↑

Think you'd want to stock some of these handy eyeshadows?
Or if you're going travelling, forgot the whole palette already! ;)

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