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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kiss me? ;)

Do many of you in Malaysia suffer from dry, chapped lips? I know it's terrible to say that I can barely remember the condition of my lips when I used to live back home because all that bothers me right now is how dry it got after I've moved to Australia.

The locals here introduced me to the Lucas' Papaw Ointment which is said to have the ability to rescue chapped lips. Desperate to save my wrinkly looking cracked lips, I purchased a tube to test it out, but I'd say it's better at protecting rather than healing.

Sometimes, the Lucas' Papaw leaves my lips feeling even more dry than before use. I've also tried plenty of other lip balms, including the 'Lip Ice' range which is available at most pharmacies in Malaysia, but none actually worked in healing my lips. :(

Well, not until Michelle from Supermodel's Secrets approached me to review the CARMEX lip balm. Finally after 4 years, I've found the solution to my problem and my lips are now healed. I can't help but have it with me all the time now! :D

Wait, have you heard of CARMEX before? Did you know that CARMEX is one of the world's most loved lip balms in the United States with over 130 sold every minute? *gasps*

To be honest, I didn't know about its existence before this. :$ So when I read bout the CARMEX lip balm, I went "WOW!" again and again. You have no idea how excited I was waiting for my lip balm to reach me from Malaysia.

I got it a couple of months back, and it was in winter then. You have no idea how crazy my lips chapped during the winter so the Carmex definitely came in handy at the right time. I hate it when my lips chap and crack, cox it'll end up bleeding. :(

I must say it is one of the longest lasting lip balm I've ever tried. One good application of Carmex onto my lips and I’m pretty much set for the day. Well, not unless I eat something and start wiping my lips with serviettes, then I'd need to reapply.

When I first used the Carmex though, it stung a little when I applied because my lips were cracked back then. But now that the condition of my lips have improved, it doesn't sting anymore, and it really softens my lips!

I mean, of course the magic didn't happen overnight. I had to apply it often, and kept my lips moist at most times. I used it on a daily basis and it lasted me for slightly more than a month. I have since got myself another tube. *giggles*

At Supermodel's Secret, they have the Original Tube, Cherry Tube, Cherry Stick as well as the Strawberry Stick. For those who love sweet-tasting multi-purpose balms, the flavoured ones could simply be The One for you. ;)

I know for RM16 (inclusive of free postage), it might be a little bit more expensive than your typical pharmacy-available-lipbalm, but trust me, the Carmex is definitely worth the money. Once you try it, you'd be a Carmex-convert, like me! ;)

Unlike in the United States where Carmex is available at most drug stores, for as far as I'm concerned, they're not yet available at nationwide pharmacies in Malaysia. Thank god for Supermodel's Secret, they managed to source in supply for you babes! :D

Supermodels' Secrets
So if you've always had an issue with dry, chapped lips, why not try the CARMEX? Hop on over to Supermodel's Secret already by clicking on the banner above. ;)

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