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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka treat for all! ;)

Lookie who's back in town, babes?

The RUBI SHOES!!! ;)

If you've missed the previous batch, fret not! Because I'm holding another batch now just for you babes! :D For more details or to purchase a pair or two for yourself, hop over here.

Happy Independence Day, fellow Malaysians! :D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fetishism with Miss TLF.

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Chance Boutique
Item: Emma

I am not over the Bucket Bag phase yet.
So yeah, put up with me and my buckets! ;P


xoxo, Chance Boutique
Item: Popeye

And may I bring to you my new fetish! ;)
Sailor bags! Woooooots! Me loooikeeey much!
Maybe I should name myself... OLIVE!!! Lol.


xoxo, I am a Woman, hear me Roar!
Item: Summer Bags

I love the blogshop name so uber much! Don't you too? ;)
And yes, how can we miss out on such a lovely stripey bag?


xoxo, Elegant Poise
Item: Elegant Lollipop

Is it just me or it looks kinda small in the picture?
But hey, can fit a Cleo mag yo! So it's not too small.
Can be used to work or for college/uni even babes!


xoxo, CheapnChic
Item: The Shimmer Hobo

Only RM35! Comes in a few colours yeah babes!
Go shimmer along the streets already can! ;)


xoxo, Prettie Simple
Item: Big Clutch

Simple but prettie = Prettie Simple. :P
Omgosh, I am getting real lame. HAHA!
But really, sometimes simple is good! :)
Don't have to be too sophisticated at times!


xoxo, Sara.My
Item: Liz Clairborne

I love how colouful and bright this wallet is! Nuff' said.


xoxo, Mezzo
Item: Handmade 037

Handmade pouches/clutches girls for RM25! :)
I believe you can choose your preferred fabric.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sailor girls! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, A Bag A Day
Item: Wicked Sista

I am sooooo tempted to hit on the imaginary BUY button.
Like seriously, this is just oh-so-cool, you MUST have can!
Love the hassle free compartments and slots available to us.
And it's such a easy peasy thing to handle, and bring around.


xoxo, Dolly & Wendy
Item: Canvas Collection

Hey you Sailor girl! Go rock your outfit with this baby! ;)


xoxo, Vogue In You
Item: S86

And again, more Sailor bags! This comes with a ribbon!
Simply oh-so-sweet yeah, hurry up and grab already! ;)
And did I forget to mention, it comes in Blue & White too?


xoxo, The Doodle Shop
Item: Coach Canvas Bag

An authentic Coach bag for sale at RM1000.
It is retailing for RM2750 originally yeah? *winks*


xoxo, Mia & Mika
Item: Flashback #3

Simply love how lovely this cream satin bow bag is.
The perfect dinner bag for your Prom or Ball already.
All the better if the chain is detachable right babes?
Then it can be used as a clutch too! Perfecto yummeh!


xoxo, Skirts & Dresses
Item: Tropicana Life

I used to love that brand when I was in my teen years.
As in early adolescent years, prolly 12-14 years old. ;)
And I'm sure there are plenty of young girls out there too.
This is suitable as a tuition bag, and it's only RM30 can!


Item: Charlie Bag

And yes, a handmade tote! For only RM29.90!
You can so customize your own one already! ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Of big bows and checks! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, My Next Top Boutique
Item: H41

Who say these bags are only for the beaches?
We can bring them along to class or to the mall too!
Oh, psst, they have plenty other designs in store!
Head over before the next girl reading this does. ;)


xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Vintage Bag

And again, more bucket bags for you girls! :D
On a random note, don't you just love her smile?


xoxo, Motte
Item: Thunderstorm

I shudder involuntarily when the thunder growl like a beast.
But my heart went gaga to see this pretty storm, I gasped! ;)


xoxo, Lovely Closet
Item: RCA80739

I think it's possible to fold the bag into half eh?
Because if it is, you'll get a clutch! 2-in-1 yo!


xoxo, Frills Shoppe
Item: Bag It

This black and white baby is made of leather. ;)
Awww, reminds me of Michael Jackson somewhat.


xoxo, Me Luv Fashion
Item: meluvbag11

Pretty bow sling bag for a casual date perhaps?
Should go well with that dress you have in mind. ;)
Because it is sweet and feminine like that. *giggles*


xoxo, Sunflower Loves
Item: Short Purse

Now this is something special don't cha think?
A purse made of rattan can! So cool hor? *winks*

On a different note that has no connection whatsoever...
How come nobody ever gives me a sunflower? *frowns*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get organised already, ladies! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Francais Kiss
Item: Enterprise

Now this is one classy bag to strut to the office.
To file your documents, stuff your make-up pouch...
I believe it's huge enough, don't cha think so too? ;)


xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Dearest Bag

Perfect little sling/clutch for a simple casual dinner. ;)
Match it with your pretty dress and you're all set to go.


xoxo, Da Vainpot
Item: 0908-01

Vainpots love attentions, don't we all? ;)
Big bows like this one will work wonder.


xoxo, Beauty & Her Bits
Item: So-qoo

Any fans of this cutie Qoo in blue? ;)
Brings back the inner child in you, no?


xoxo, My Next Top Boutique
Item: Wallets

More Anna Sui inspired purses for you girls.
They're coming up with more and more designs.
Not just the black or white floral designs. *giggles*


xoxo, A Bit of Everywhere
Item: Coach

This is one of the many Coach designs I adore. :D
Of course it's not authentic, but for RM120... Steal!


xoxo, Five Petals
Item: Purse Organiser

Last but not least for today, a purse organiser!
Sick of fishing into your bag for something already?
Get this purse organiser to help make your life easier.
Especially house or car keys... They do my head in! Grrr.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I think I need 'em all! *giggles*

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Miss Dot

Omg! Omg! Omg! Definitely a surprise from Miss OCD.
This is such a beauty can! Now now, I think I might get it. ;)
Can't wait to see more picts later. Be there at 9.30pm to grab!


Item: Checkered Bag

One of my favouritest bucket bags I've seen so far.
I'm contemplating of getting one for myself!!!
I know I'm still very much in love with bucket bags!
And also partly because I still love checks. Period.


Item: Houndstooth Bag

It has a very vintage element in terms of its shape.
And it's a bit bucket-ish, I bet it's roomy inside.
Ah shucks, I want to get this too! Alamak larh me!!!
Now there's so many on my I-WANT-THIS list. :$


Item: Aloha Stylist Bag

Cute handbag to strut along the streets with. Fuhweet!
Comes only in ONE piece so you might wanna go grab. ;)


Item: S85

Hmmm, I'd say go for the Pink!
No no, the White looks just as good too.
But Yellow is so sunshiney, agreed darls?
Will definitely brighten up your outfit!
Oh gawd, my OCD in deciding strikes again!
They're all pretty, don't cha think so? Yum!


Item: Striped Beach Bag

I remember this design used to be a big hit here.
Yeap, I meant here in Melbourne, not Malaysia.
And most Melburnians have one of this designs.
It could be as coin purse or pencilbox. *giggles*
Comes together with a small white bag yeah babes! :)


Item: Beaded Clutch

Last but not least, the very pretty and sweet looking clutch.
They have like 12 designs for you to choose from, can! Nice~

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shake your bum bum! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Tender Blush
Item: Indie

I love how the picture is captured.
The beauty of the bag is so justified. :)


xoxo, Dr. Pizzicato
Item: Doctor Vintage

They're taking orders to restock. Woots!
You don't wanna miss out again yeah? :D


xoxo, Lovely Closet
Item: RCA01146

Don't you love those big heartsie flaps too? ;)


xoxo, Bags with Tags
Item: Prada

Prada brown leather with netting! :D
Yes, you saw that right, NETTING!!!
Omgosh, how cool is that already can?
I think it's veryyyy pweeety and me likey!


xoxo, Adornment Alley
Item: Red Zara Hottie

The bright red is definitely hot like chilly! ;)
And guess what babes? Imported from Spain!


xoxo, Babe Shop
Item: MARC by Marc Jacobs

It's a Fall-Winter collection that comes with a book!
Stated to be authentic babes, so don't miss out! :D


xoxo, Ziana Preloves
Item: LV Sling Bag

Well admittedly, this doesn't look authentic. :$
But it's only going for RM30, what more can you ask?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I see stripes... I go gaga!

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Ultimate Dazzle
Item: UD24119

It was so hard to decide which bag to review. Like seriously.
I mean the colours - red, purple, orange, blue, pink.
I love canvas bags, don't you too? Especially stripey ones!


xoxo, My Kedai Runcit
Item: Pirates Bear

Like how we gave our h/p or iPod homes...
It's time we give our Passports a home too!
This is one really too cute & adorable to resist! ;)
They have in store also a Flying Jumbo and Quack.


xoxo, LuviNing
Item: Lil Bear

I love how creative handmade products are getting!
This is also a passport cover - classic and feminine. ;)
And again, it's stripey, with a cute beary flap on the top!


xoxo, Vogue in You
Item: A078

You can carry this pretty bag three ways.
Handcarry, sling, and backpack it! Woots!
It's cute yet sophisticated. Simply pretty!


xoxo, Le Loves
Item: Leather Fashionable Bag

In conjunction of Merdeka Day...
This bag is on sales! Yaynesssss! :D
I love the elegant look of mini pouch.
Like a kangaroo! *teeheehee* Funny me!


xoxo, Shop With Narnia
Item: Oversized Tote

Indeed it is... Really oversized I must say.
Looks really huge on the petite girl model.
But it's trendy and convenient so go grab one!


xoxo, Just Bag It
Item: Fabric Beach Bags

Checks! It has been quite a while yeah?
They have a few other designs too! :)
You might wanna check them out ya babes!
Hint: Floral, Leaves, Circles, Stripes! *wink*
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D