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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sorry babes! :(

You know, I've this really long list of bags that I REALLY REALLY WANT TO REVIEW!!! But I'm so so so busy with work that I can't even find a slot to fit my TLF reviews. I'm so deprived of sleep now. I'm like drowned in my assignments most of the time.

The amount of research I gotta do for my assignments is driving me up the wall. But don't worry babes, as soon as I get them sorted out, I'll be back! :D Please don't give up on me and don't ditch me just yet. I'll be back even before you know it. I pinky promise!

*mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forget bags for today! We're going for pouches! :D

*Pouches of the day!*
(Yes, we're going for two!)

xoxo, Thread Whispers
Item: Dottie & Checks

Oh-me-gosh, this is so cute! Polka dotsies and checks! :D
It's definitely going under my MUST-HAVE list!!! Hehe.

xoxo, Thread Whispers
Item: Envelope Clutch with Bow

It's oh-so-sweet don't cha think? Me loveeee! *giggles*
Yeap, I'm sure you'll agree with me this newbie in town
definitely have yummeh handmade products, yes babes? :D


xoxo, Bags-licious
Item: Lavin Happy Bag

Are you happy today, my dear readers? :)
If you're not, head over to order this bag!
Because it is pretty like that, it makes us all :D!


xoxo, AliceWonders.com
Item: Cat Whiskers Pink Tassel

Yayness! It's quilted with that famous chain.
And now it has fringes too! Wootza! :)
I bet you don't wanna miss out on those whiskers!


xoxo, Super Rolling
Item: Bucket Quilted Bag

Yay! Bucket bags! I love bucket bags, don't you too?
And this time they come in quilts too! How cool, no? :D


xoxo, Princess Feverlicious
Item: Original Emporio Armani Bag

Yeap, they have bags too! See their LOGO CHARM there!
Love how the bag glitters away, definitely will turn heads! ;)


xoxo, Mamyto Style
Item: Prada Fashion Bag

Oh gosh! I've lost track with the new trend!
I didn't know Prada has such bags, can?!! :(
But this is a replica version yea. With free postage!


xoxo, Dress Me Up Now
Item: Tods Duffle Shoulder Bag

I like slouchy bags! Makes me feel so comfy! :P
Yeah just by looking at it! Haha, I'm so weird. LOL!


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Monday, May 25, 2009

My fairytales.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Stitched Boston Carey

That was my reaction when I saw this baby.
Very very trendy and artsy can? I LOVE!


Item: Fairytales

If you don't already know, I don't buy replicas.
But I think this is so chic! I feel like having one! :P


Item: Dreams

Dream a little dream of me and the bag.
I like the baby blue one! Only RM45!!! :D


Item: Felt Tissue Pouches

Me loves handmades! :D So feminine, no?


Item: The Huge Tan Tote

Feels very OL, whaddaya think babes? Yes?
It's that kinda bag that teachers would carry. :P


Item: Patent Bag

Comes with a free pouch? Hmmm....
But I reckon you not let it hang down lor.
Someone's gonna grab it & steal your moolah!


Item: Patricia Clutch

If you're up for velvety material, steal this for only RM25! ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reviews are back! :)

Hi all, thank you for the support! Made me day!
Respond for Rubi Shoes were overwhelming! :D


*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Quilted Bow

Looks real sweet, yet really elegant and classy! ;)
Can't you hear it shouting, "Buy me, I'm gorgeous!"?


Item: Weaved Neverfull

Not only is quilt in trend now. Weaved bags too! :D


Item: Van der Woodsen

It has the vintage mixed modern look! Way to go! :)


Item: Go Buckle

Oh, I love! From Topshop! :D
Psst, giving away scarf for free!


xoxo, Le Chic
Item: Anna Sui 2

Remove the wristlet strap and voila!
You get a wallet! Or clutch if you like. :P


Item: Love Me

Love me. Love me not. Love me. Love me not.


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Friday, May 22, 2009

More pictures of Rubi Shoes! :)

*Updates on Special Pre-Order for Rubi Shoes!!!*

I will only be taking orders in until the 28th May 2009.
Or until I hit my quota limit, then orders will be closed.
(My friend don't have much space left in her luggage.)
All payment has to be made by the 29th May 2009. :)

I'm Not Plain Jane in Bright yellow and Nude.

Gold and Black

Bright Yellow, Salmon Pink, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Gold.

I Check You actually comes in a few colours. :)
(But I'm not too sure if the rainbow one is still available)

I Check You is now available in Red too! :D

Hurry up and secure a pair, as I'm taking in only limited orders!
If you're interested in getting a pair, click here for more info. :)

You pay for what you get! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: The Bottom Zipper

We cannot get enough of these PG bags yeah?
Gotta give it to them, their designs are awesome.
They're not of real good quality, to be frank.
But we pay for what we get and they're cheap!


Item: Gucci Replica

It's 90% mirror image of an authentic, no?
But selling for a quarter of the ori price, maybe?
Not too sure of the ori price but this is RM400.


xoxo, Picobell
Item: Poppeye Sling Bag

Poppeye the sailor man! :P
Oh, Poppeye the slinging bag!


Item: LV Patchwork 2

They brought in another patchwork design!


Item: Lancome Shopping Tote

I love stripeys! All the more you should get it!
You know why? Cox it's Lancome. *winkwink*


Item: Beaded Handmade Pouch

Miss TLF in support of handmade fashion items! :D


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Special Pre-order: Rubi Shoes

Greetings from Australia! :)

As all of you should already know, I'm currently in Australia.
Someone has very kindly volunteered to carry a few kgs for me.
So I decided to send some goodies home for you babes! Yay! :D

Ever since I came to Australia, I had to do a lot of walking.
Shoes were a big problem for me cox I prioritize comfyness.
And I realised most of the girls here have at least one of these.
So I decided to give it a try and bought two pairs for myself!

They are uber comfy to walk in, I kid you not! :D
And I thought, hey why not benefit you girls too!

The size is similar to that of Vincci sizes yeah? :)
Say, if you're a Vincci size 7, then you're a size 38.
There are a few colours for you to choose from.

Black, white, gold, silver, nude, vintage brown,
light brown, grey, red, purple, and navy blue. :)

Item #1: I'm Not Plain Jane
Size: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
Colour: 11 colours as stated above
Price: RM45 (excluding postage)
Postage is RM8, so total would be RM53.

Item #2: I Check You
Size: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
Colour: Black or Red
Price: RM52 (excluding postage)
Postage is RM8, so total would be RM60.

Item #3: Miss Tartans
Size: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
Colour: Black or Red
Price: RM59 (excluding postage)
Postage is RM8, so total would be RM67.


How to place an order?

Fill in the form below and email it to missytlf@gmail.com
with subject title "I Want To Order Rubi Shoes!" :D
Kindly have a read at the T&C before placing an order.

Contact details:
Item code:

Terms and Conditions apply

1. Strictly for SERIOUS BUYERS only. No backing out once confirmation has been made.

2. Sorry babes, but exchanges, refunds and cancellations are strictly not allowed.

3. Items' actual colour may differ slightly from photos shown above, but they are Brand New nonetheless.

4. Prices are not including postage charges. Here are the rates per shoe for Pos Laju:
  • Peninsular Malaysia - RM8
  • Sabah/Sarawak - RM10
5. I will not be responsible for any loss/damages upon delivery of items.

6. Sorry I can't do COD - I'm 4000 miles away from home!

7. Payment to be made within 3 days after order has been confirmed. (My Maybank details will be provided via email.)

8. This is a pre-order service, and you will be receiving the shoes only in mid-June, latest by 25th June 2009 for Batch 1. There might be Batch 2, but not confirmed yet.

9. If you're not patient enough to wait til then, let me know, we can arrange direct postage from Australia but buyer will have to bear the postage charges. Charges are $14 per pair, which is RM42 and will take 3 up to 10 working days.

10. Closing date for orders is on the 28th May 2009. I'm taking in only a limited amount of orders based on a first come first serve basis. All payment has to be made by 29th May 2009.

11. Please be notified that if the pair of your choice runs out of stock, full payment will be refunded to you. If in any case, you're not using a Maybank account, RM2 will be deducted. But I'll try my best to get you the pair that you want! Let's keep our fingers crossed! :D

Feel free to email me should you have any enquiries! For Rubi Shoes, I can be reached at
missytlf@gmail.com! :)

P/S: Click here for more pictures! :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special edition - The Exclusive Three! :D

Today is an exclusive day. :)
It's Happy 520 or Happy 我爱你!
And this day means a lot to me.
So I'll be honouring this day by...

*jeng jeng jeng*


Having a special edition post!
With three BAGS OF THE DAY! :D

Item: Exclusive Plaid

An exclusive plaid chanel inspired bag on an exclusive day!
This baby certainly did make my day today! My favourite! :)


xoxo, In Glam'z
Item: Vivi Tote

Second bag of the day! Yet again with the overrated chain. ;)
But we all love it, don't we? Love the bow charm up the front.


Item: Elisabeth Beige Tote

Last but not least, this beige tote. :)
Simple and casual, yet trendy and chic.
Sometimes, we complicate things too much.
Till it clashes! There - simplicity at its best.

Ring-a-bell! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Picobell
Item: Zippy Bag

I love the colour combination! :D
And the plenty of zippers all over.


Item: Michelle

They named this clutch on my honour! :P
Yeah la, I wish. But I love the glossyness.
Oh, and the heart shaped lock too! Pretty!


Item: D'e

Take note of the braided handles.
And the zippers at the side too! :D


Item: Miss Hot Chic Bag

Now this is chic! Where's hot you ask?
Comes in black too! Looks more bikie. ;)


Item: Wrislet Pouch

You can get Ciyou to customize a pouch for you. :D
And you're free to combine whatsoever fabrics you wish.


xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Batman

Head on over to Room 8008 and ask for Batman.
Proceed with fishing out RM8 and there you go! :D


Today's the 20th May - 520.
520 is said to sound like 我爱你。
Today is the day, my darling babes.
To pluck the courage from inside out.
To tell your loved ones I LOVE YOU. :)

And on this special day, Miss TLF wants to shout out
a super duper zuper big and sincere THANK YOU
to all those who has been supporting her since
The Luxurious Fashionista started in late Nov. :)

I love y'all! :D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tweet tweet! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Chance
Item: Tweed

THE BIG OH-ME-GOSH!!! Pretty pretty tweeds!
As much as I am a sucker for pink, I'd go for blue! :X


Item: Brix

Build build build a bag in bricks brix. :P


xoxo, TeAmo
Item: Denim Quilted Tote

I love anything denim, if you can't already tell.
And this baby comes with a long sling strap too! :D


Item: Yellow Mustard

Mustard mustard on my sandwich!
Yellow Mustard on my Balenciaga! :P


Item: Stylish Bag

This is more for the vintage lovers! :)
And psst, it's a bucket bag! Teeheehee!


Item: Smoke Blue

Tell me, what can be better than to find a beauty at a slash?


Item: I am a Plastic Bag!

We had previously the I AM NOT PLASTIC BAG trend yeah?
Now we have The Plastic Bags Series. Something for a change!


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