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Friday, May 22, 2009

You pay for what you get! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: The Bottom Zipper

We cannot get enough of these PG bags yeah?
Gotta give it to them, their designs are awesome.
They're not of real good quality, to be frank.
But we pay for what we get and they're cheap!


Item: Gucci Replica

It's 90% mirror image of an authentic, no?
But selling for a quarter of the ori price, maybe?
Not too sure of the ori price but this is RM400.


xoxo, Picobell
Item: Poppeye Sling Bag

Poppeye the sailor man! :P
Oh, Poppeye the slinging bag!


Item: LV Patchwork 2

They brought in another patchwork design!


Item: Lancome Shopping Tote

I love stripeys! All the more you should get it!
You know why? Cox it's Lancome. *winkwink*


Item: Beaded Handmade Pouch

Miss TLF in support of handmade fashion items! :D


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