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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The First. :)

Based on the poll I set up a month ago,
the first ever XOXO Award goes to...

Oozora Tang!!!

With a whooping landslide votes of 47%!!!

Congratulations, Oozora Tang!!!

To the rest of the nominees, thank you for participating in Miss TLF's infamous XOXO Award. Though you did not collect enough votes to win the award this time around, but there are many more months to come, so you can work harder the next time you get nominated.

I'm sure there'll be a chance for all of you. But of course, with a tiny lil' favour - BRING IN MORE PRETTY BAGS! ;) So yeappie, the next batch of nominees will be announced shortly. Either tonight or tomorrow yeah? Keep your fingers crossed! ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Inspired Chain

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, A Model Excess
Item: Foldable Bag
Price: RM48

I love this! Uber uber much! Pretty! Nuff' said. :D


xoxo, Vogue Speak
Item: Chanel Pink
Price: RM45

I know right, I'm a sucker for anything pink.
Please do forgive me if you're a pink-hater. :P


xoxo, Shopping Muffins
Item: Checkers
Price: RM42

Oh yes, I'm certainly not over checkers just yet!


xoxo, How 2 Shop
Item: Coach
Price: RM750

This is authentic Coach, girls! :D
It's cheaper cox it's 2nd hand.


xoxo, Ministry of Clothes
Item: Miss Envelope
Price: RM39

Comes with a chanel inspired chain if you don't want the strap!


xoxo, Fashionably Fine4u
Item: Stylo Patchwork
Price: RM190

Hmm, I've no idea what brand this is. *shucks*
But you can ask the friendly sweetie selling it. ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute enough, yes? ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Mobile Phone Pouch
Price: RM12

A variety of designs for you to pick! Woohoo!
Oh, how I love handmade items! Steal! :D


Item: Say no to plastic bags!
Price: RM29

Miss TLF in support of canvas totes! :D
Get a cutie and save the environment!


Item: Reena
Price: RM45 (RM40)

Very OL-style, don't cha think babes?
More for the working ladies I reckon. :)


Item: Vintage Vamp
Price: RM56

Hey, that's like caramel brown, right? :D
Bucket bag somemore! Chio to the max!


Item: Shiny Bag
Price: RM30

Shine your way through the crowd, girls! :D
And it's pretty affordable, no? Teeheehee.


Item: Vintage Bag
Price: RM45

This bucket bag seems flattened, eh? Haha!
But something for a change perhaps? :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh-my! *gasps*

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Piperlips
Item: Blair Waldorf
Price: RM30

Anyone here who doesn't know who Blair is?
Please find the nearest wall and bang it. Haha!
Just joking! No hard feelings! Go Google lor. :P 
But babes, this isn't your typical clutch can! Yum!


xoxo, Flitterby
Item: Patent Bow
Price: RM59

Hello, my name is Elegance de Patent Bow. Nuff said. ;)


Item: Browny Heart
Price: RM60

Should I use it to college? Or for movie later tonight?
No need for such hesitation! This baby can do both! :D


Item: Studded Sling
Price: RM49

Flown in all the way from UK, babes! :D
Hurry up and make your orders already!


Item: Mini Yellow
Price: RM30

Sling? Handcarry? Clutch? Which?!!
This bright sunshine speaks versatility. ;)


Item: Wallets
Price: RM38

The very MNG-lookalike twin at such a steal! :D


Item: Button Clutch
Price: RM20

A three quarter long of your magazine. ;)
And oooh, I love the loopy hoopy, don't you?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Quilt is the New In.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Chanel Inspired
Price: RM109

Absolutely mind-blowing design! :D
It's quilted. Yes, another chanel inspired.


Item: Vivi
Price: RM99

Don't appreciate something bulky like the above?
Then get this cute and sweet looking tote instead! :)
Quilted in the shape of hearts and a bow to complete it.


Item: Pocket Flap Bag
Price: RM65

We're still in for larger-than-life bags, right?
This baby has cute pockets at the sides too! :P


Item: VS Satin Tote
Price: RM135

Victoria Secret bright neon satin totes! :D
I bet you won't wanna miss out on this.


Item: LV Mini Lin
Price: RM2350

My favourite LV design ever. Now for sale. :D
At a very much cheaper price. Save the moolah! $$$


xoxo, C-Stylish
Item: Marcs by Marcs Jacob
Price: RM220

Hurry up before the order closes. That's inclusive postage.


xoxo, TeAmo
Item: White Quilted Tote
Price: RM65

Last but not least, another quilted tote to wrap it up!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alien enough for Planet TLF? ;)

This Special Feature is a courtesy of:

Xanadu! :)

*Ready babes? ;)*

Jeng jeng jeng! Xanadu brings to you Ms Loud in HOT PINK!
Whatttt?!! Can't you hear it already? It screams STYLE, no? ;)

The Star Boogey reminds me of the Boogey Man! :P
Only this isn't scary but very flattering in fact, yeah?
The picture just doesn't do enough justice to the colours.
They come in dark navy blue and also oak brown! :D

Here in Australia, everyone's hitting the gym. It's the IN thing.
But I notice that they bring along with them really awful bags.
I believe we Malaysians have better fashion sense, eh? :P
Futurama Mama is the perfect bowling bag to bring around, no?
Be it to style your way to the gym, or for a casual movie outing!

Sling Fling comes in three glossy colours - blue, purple, grey!
But purple's my favourite among the lot! Sooo pweeety! :D
It's really simple, but sometimes that's all we need, right?

Absolutely loving how the bag shines out in the dark.
With a hint of glitter, and a beautiful flower detail,
it goes perfectly well with your elegant dress, agreed? :D

Not just bags alone, they have earrings too! *beams gleefully*
A whole wide range of them in fact! Woohoo! Excited much?
The above collage is only a compilation of couple of them. :D
Had a headache picking which to feature cox they're all pretty!
For more choices, hurry up and head over to Xanadu already!

Wait! Hang on, hang on! I'm not done quite yet. *giggles*

Babes!!! Isn't this like the sweetest thing on earth? :D
Can somebody please unlock my heart and get me this?
As a tiny token of appreciation, perhaps? *big puppy eyes*

Of course, they have a special promotion just for you! ;)
It's awesome isn't it, being Miss TLF's readers? *giggles*

The first 5 customers will get the bag(s) at the discounted price!
And will be surprised with a mystery gift & FREE postage! :D
Yummeh steal, no?! The early bird catches the worm, girls!

But if you're more of a tortoise, FRET NOT alright? *chill*
You'll be entitled to discounted price & free postage too. ;)
But that's provided you buy 2 bags or above before 1st May 09!

To be entitled for the promotion, just yell at the top of your voice:


Friday, April 24, 2009

You're welcome to stalk me! ;)

I've thought about it long and hard, then decided, why not? *giggles*
So yeap, I'm giving you babes an insight into Miss TLF's personal life.
You'll get to know about my life here in Australia as a foodie. *gasp!*
And read about my unromantic love stories as well. *winkwink*
There are loads of ranting that you gotta bear too. I complain alot. :P
But I really do hope you girls don't judge me based on what you read.
And please do continue supporting Miss TLF, alrightttt? *mwah*

- Enjoy! :) -

The Quilted World

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Ranica
Price: RM46

Love the design! It's in salmon pink!
Not that simple, yet not complicated! :D


Item: Quilted Chain Bag
Price: RM65

Quilted bucket bags! Woohoo! :D
Haven't came across this yet eh?


Item: Fendi Squirrel Spy Bag
Price: RM150

It's limited edition, babes!
"You'll cry if you miss this!" :P


Item: Stripey Liney
Price: RM33

More stripey canvas totes! Very beachy look hor? :D


Item: Constance
Price: RM45

The typical clutch that we all MUST have at least one. :D


xoxo, Sara.My
Item: Nine West Element 9
Price: RM290

Sara.My offers a range of authentic bags! :)
At very much affordable prices! Check them out!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decisions, oh decision!

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Soak Republic
Item: Hippy Punky
Price: RM65

It's studded. It has fringes. It's a sling. Or is it a clutch? ;)


xoxo, Bags Lover
Item: Bricks
Price: RM46

Small, cute, and convenient. Says it all, no? :)


xoxo, Fashion Splash
Item: Oh so colourful!
Price: RM15

Rainbow, rainbow, where are you? *grins*
Love the bright colours, don't you too? :)


xoxo, i-Materials
Item: Chanel Inspired Chain Bag
Price: RM42

Bright candy colours chanel inspired chain bags! :D
We've not seen something like that just yet, eh?


xoxo, Scarlet Garments
Item: Petite Sling Bag
Price: RM36

This is one good steal, I'd reckon! :D
Replica it is, but beautifully made, yeah?


xoxo, PG Bags
Item: The Oversized
Price: RM45

This bag looks soooo huge on this petite model. :P
Looks big enough for you to pack 3 days clothings in.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mix and match.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: LV Tribute Patchword
Price: RM290

How many bags is she carrying there? *confused*
One. Satu. Yi. So cool right, right, right?? Me likey! :D
One of the best LV design in line after my fav Mini Lin.


xoxo, Fascinate
Item: Bring Me Out
Price: RM40

I was trying to tell which way it was from the pictures.
And in the end, I sorta gave up because it's so hard.
Don't get what I mean? Hit on the link above to give it a go.


xoxo, Fascinate
Item: Blingz
Price: RM85

I have only one word for this - classy! :D

Item: Incy Wincy
Price: RM49.90

So cute! Got fringes like cats whiskers! :P
Not that I'm any cat lovers but it's cute!


xoxo, Flitterby
Item: Pumpkin Bag
Price: RM59

So slouchy bag means that you can chuck anything in!
Can be used as shoulder or sling bag as you fancy. :D


Item: Dolls Pencil Case
Price: RM20

Adore the case but no longer go to school? Fret not!
We have "pencils" too, right? Eg, eyeliners, mascara. ;)
And this is so handmade, me support very much!


xoxo, mer?
Item: The Orangey One
Price: RM105

Oooh! Handmade bags! I support! You must, too! :P
The orange stripes so bright and the buttons details.


xoxo, Toko Kado
Item: Juicy Couture
Price: RM60

It has the golden JC buckles at the sides! :)
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D