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Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh-my! *gasps*

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Piperlips
Item: Blair Waldorf
Price: RM30

Anyone here who doesn't know who Blair is?
Please find the nearest wall and bang it. Haha!
Just joking! No hard feelings! Go Google lor. :P 
But babes, this isn't your typical clutch can! Yum!


xoxo, Flitterby
Item: Patent Bow
Price: RM59

Hello, my name is Elegance de Patent Bow. Nuff said. ;)


Item: Browny Heart
Price: RM60

Should I use it to college? Or for movie later tonight?
No need for such hesitation! This baby can do both! :D


Item: Studded Sling
Price: RM49

Flown in all the way from UK, babes! :D
Hurry up and make your orders already!


Item: Mini Yellow
Price: RM30

Sling? Handcarry? Clutch? Which?!!
This bright sunshine speaks versatility. ;)


Item: Wallets
Price: RM38

The very MNG-lookalike twin at such a steal! :D


Item: Button Clutch
Price: RM20

A three quarter long of your magazine. ;)
And oooh, I love the loopy hoopy, don't you?

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