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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute enough, yes? ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Mobile Phone Pouch
Price: RM12

A variety of designs for you to pick! Woohoo!
Oh, how I love handmade items! Steal! :D


Item: Say no to plastic bags!
Price: RM29

Miss TLF in support of canvas totes! :D
Get a cutie and save the environment!


Item: Reena
Price: RM45 (RM40)

Very OL-style, don't cha think babes?
More for the working ladies I reckon. :)


Item: Vintage Vamp
Price: RM56

Hey, that's like caramel brown, right? :D
Bucket bag somemore! Chio to the max!


Item: Shiny Bag
Price: RM30

Shine your way through the crowd, girls! :D
And it's pretty affordable, no? Teeheehee.


Item: Vintage Bag
Price: RM45

This bucket bag seems flattened, eh? Haha!
But something for a change perhaps? :D

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