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Friday, May 1, 2009

Advertise with us! :D

Q: Miss TLF, how much do I pay for you to review my items?
A: It's absolutely FREE OF CHARGE for reviews, babes! :D

Q: Then can you review this, that, this and that for me?
A: I am by no means obliged to review items that you WANT me to.

Q: Erh okay, then how do I go about if I want you to review my items?
A: I will check out the links you've provided, if I like 'em, I review them. :)

Q: Oh, could you kindly link our banner on your blog, please?
A: I'm afraid not babes, I don't do link-ups. :$

Q: Then, how do we go about placing our banner with you?
A: Oh, that's really simple my dear! Advertise with us! ;)

As of 1st November 2009, here are the details & charges for
the ads placement options & services Miss TLF provides:

RM30 per fortnight
RM56 per month

RM28 per fortnight
RM50 per month

RM12 per fortnight

RM22 per month

RM9 per fortnight
RM15 per month

Please enquire within for prices yeah babes?
Different features have different prices.
Depending on how you want the write-up to be.
It's pretty affordable so don't be afraid to ask. :)

F: Having problems with your HTML codes?
I used to be a HTML-illiterate as well.
But I decided to pick up the language.
I can now speak H-T-M-L! Woohoo! :D
So if you're having problems, email me!
And I might be able to give you a hand.
Of course, I charge a small fee for it. Hehe.

G: Banner and Header Designs
Please enquire within for prices yeah? :)
As it depends on the complexity of the design.
Tell me your theme & we'll work something out.
Oh, if you like Miss TLF's blog layout, buzz me.
I'll be able to do one for you too! *giggles*

These are a couple of my simple designs. :)
If you appreciate one like that, ask already!

Miss Blogshop Owner exclaims, "I am interested!"
And moves on to ask, "How do I go about it?"

It's simple! All you have to do is to email me!
Let me know which package you're interested in.
And I'll fill you in with the details via email. :)

If you're planning to place with us for a longer period,
do let me know too! I will give you a better offer! :D
We can also work out a mix-&-match package too!

And IF, say Miss TLF is in a good mood...
She might be over the moon and lose her mind.
Then, she might give you a discount perhaps? :D

Don't worry, I'm friendly and I don't bite! :D
Should you have any inquiries, just email me!
You can easily reach me at iamtlf@live.com!

*T & C: Miss TLF has the right to revise prices & limits from time to time.

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