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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Denim fever.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: PG112

I still denim bags and I can't help going ooh-ahh.
I just think they're simply amazing and pretty, no? :D


Item: Oversized Quilted Drawstring

Not your typical quilted bag, babes! :)
But it's drawstring, something so in right now!


xoxo, Winkstick
Item: Quilted Denim Bag

More denim bags! And hey, it's quilted! :D


Item: Zipper Hobo

Something casual that will never run outta trend! :D


Item: Lovely-licious Polka

I'd reckon this is more suitable for the OL's! :)
But don't cha all love the polka dots ribbon girls?


Item: Smashing Tote

They have it in three colours yeah?
That's purple... brown... and... and...
Well, head over to check it out yourself! :P


Item: MiNGle Bag

An inspired MNG bag. Really huge, suitable for schooling. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In support of handmade products! :D

*Bag (Pouch) of the Day!*

Item: Passport Cover

So cute! So sweet! So lovely! I WANT ONE TOO! XD
My passport needs a home too. And this is perfecto!


Item: Cute Lil Blue Elephant Coins Pouch

Mr Blue Elephant says, "BUY ME!"


Item: Bunnies Pouch

I think I saw bunnies in my dream yesterday.
But they weren't red or black. They were pink! :P


xoxo, Heart Eco
Item: Birdie Make Up Pouch

Doesn't matter if you don't want to store your make up.
It is definitely to cute to be hidden. Use it as a coin bag! :D


xoxo, mer?
Item: Notebook case

mer?'s creation has always been simple yet nice! :)


Item: Purple English Style Tote

Just a few weeks ago, Anna Sui inspired bags were so in.
Everyone was so hyped up over floral. This is almost similar.
Only it looks way more beautiful. And hey, it's handmade!!!


Item: Bottle Pouch

We've seen all kinda handmade pouches, no?
But this is something more special, hurrray!
It's a pouch for your water bottle. So cool, ain't it?


Item: For Darling Sister

Look at this! It's so lovely, don't cha all agree? :D
Especially that heart-shaped zipper! Me love <3!!!


Item: AC07 Pattern 1

They have a veryyyy bewtifool one in pink! Me likeyyy!
So tempted to post it up, but it's too pinky-fied in here. :P


Item: New items

I always look up to those with creative hands. Always.
How come they're so good at crafting? *greeen in envy*


xoxo, Yana
Item: Hana Pouch

She spent three days making these handmade wristlets!
Gotta give it up to her really. Good job sayang! Really! :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Heart Eco
Item: Ipod/Mp3 Cozy

OH-ME-GOD! So cute can die! Totally sweet, isn't it girls?
And it's only RM28! That's a steal for a handmade product!
I feel like getting one for my iPod Nano too, but but but...
The thing is I already have a pink leather pouch for it. How?!


Item: Longchamp Le Pliage Inspired

I've always wanted to get one in pale pink! :P
Oh, you don't fancy pinkish pink? Fret not!!!
They have it in brown, maroon red, navy blue, and black!


Item: Oh My Doctor

Totally reserved, yet again! Super fast kan?
But no harm... Try asking them to restock! :)


Item: Buttons 74

More and more vintage bags coming in!


Item: A050

It's a drawstring bucket bag. And it's quilted. :)
That's the criteria of something that spells TREND.


Item: Ribbon Polkadots Tote

Did I mention how much I used to loathe polka dots?
But I'm really starting to loveeee them to bits, really!
Especially when they come in ribbons and bows. Cute!


xoxo, Stitch
Item: Blossom Bag

If you've been reading lotsa fashion mags...
Or keeping up with the online stores' in-trend...
You'll notice that it's all about summer florals now!
This bag is totally floral, and you should have one! :)


Item: Candycane Clutch

Just by looking at this pretty clutch...
Makes me feel like Christmas already! :P
Grab this pre-loved item home already!
Doesn't matter if Xmas is months away! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Glossy chic! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Chanel Quilted Look

Omgosh, I love the chain with pretty charms!
It's a tad bit high in price, but worth it I'd say. :)


Item: Pocket Tissue Holder

Hurrray!!! A home for your tissue packets! :D
They have a few designs, go check them out!


Item: Vintage Hermes

Vintage fashion items are just the in thing now yeah?
Bet you don't wanna miss out on this beauties, no? ;)


Item: Handbag 06

It's simple yet nice, don't cha all agree?
A lil like a postman bag I'd say, teehee. :)


xoxo, Shorttay
Item: Collection 1 - B1001

Really suitable for office ladies or to carry to uni even!
And goodie thing, it's super affordable at RM38 can! :D


Item: Code 226

More vintage bags for you girls! :P
Remember how I used to not fancy them?
I really am starting to like vintage now.


Item: Studded

More studs babes! Golden studs prettily laid out. :)


Item: Building Blocks

Oh! Now this is something special yo!
A mini blocks pouch/wristlet perhaps?


Item: Gloss

Ahhhh... Glossyness! Makes me feel so comfy!
Very silky material don't cha think so babes? :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm not a Plastic bag! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Paper Bag

Yeap, you read that right. It's a paper bag! :D
A very pweeety paper bag. Me totally adore!
Ideal for gift-wrapping. Only RM4 per piece! :)


xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Just Bag It

Very casual but yet at the same time, trendy!
*slurps* They are snatched and fully reserved.
But try enquiring if they might be able to restock! :)


xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Grandmama Bag

Vintage inspired bucket bags! Love the middle one most!
But again, they're either sold or reserved. Sheeesh! :(
Like I said above, try asking if Miss OCD can restock it! :D


Item: The Boxy Houndstooth

Very vintagey-shaped, don't cha think?
I'd go for the white one if I were you. :)
But the pict wasn't very clear so I chose this.


Item: All Denim Zipper

It looks really spacious to me, yes babes?
Can fit almost all your belongings in it I'm sure.
I've always fancied denim items, so this is yummeh!


Item: 3-way-studded-bag

I remember reviewing this bag at RM55! :)
It's going for RM39 now. Save RM16 girls!!!


Item: Go Metal

Suits rocker chics most, I'd say, what with the studs.
Even if you're not, fret not my darlings babes. :D
I think it can match perfectly well with casual outfits.


Item: Vintage Bag

Handcarry? Sling it? Backpack it? :$
Or shoulder carry? Speedy bag carry?
Ohmegosh! So many ways of carrying it!
Definitely worth splurging on I'd say! :D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Did you miss me? :$

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Architectural

They're currently sold out. No doubt about that.
But fret not! It's restockable in green and brown!
What cha waiting for? Go place your orders already!


Item: Sweet Lantern

Really really feminine and sweet I'd say.
Comes in both baby pink and blue! :)


Item: Gucci Inspired AAA Grade

Looks as good as new and real aye? :)
But it's only an inspired. And pre-loved.
This taken-good-care-of-bag is going at RM300.
And the price is negotiable! Babes, go do ur thang!


Item: Non Authentic Toki Toki Pouch

Sooooooo cute one this pouch, omg! XD
And selling for only RM12 girls! GRAB!


Item: Baby Phat

I'm not sure if it's inspired or authentic as it's not stated.
But being priced at RM280, I'd reckon it's authentic! :)


xoxo, Funtogs
Item: Petit Noe Bags

Blue checked and brown bucket bag! Coolness! :)
They have one LV inspired petit noe in red too!


Item: MJ Inspired Quilted Stam Bag

It's amazing how they always have great finds! :)
First they had LV, Gucci, JC and now Marc Jacobs!


Item: Booo5

Comes in this pretty turquoise colour. :)
Letting go at a steal for RM31 babes!!!


Item: Three Bags

All the three bags above looks good. :)
I prefer the quilted bucket bag! Sweeet~
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D