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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm not a Plastic bag! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Paper Bag

Yeap, you read that right. It's a paper bag! :D
A very pweeety paper bag. Me totally adore!
Ideal for gift-wrapping. Only RM4 per piece! :)


xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Just Bag It

Very casual but yet at the same time, trendy!
*slurps* They are snatched and fully reserved.
But try enquiring if they might be able to restock! :)


xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Grandmama Bag

Vintage inspired bucket bags! Love the middle one most!
But again, they're either sold or reserved. Sheeesh! :(
Like I said above, try asking if Miss OCD can restock it! :D


Item: The Boxy Houndstooth

Very vintagey-shaped, don't cha think?
I'd go for the white one if I were you. :)
But the pict wasn't very clear so I chose this.


Item: All Denim Zipper

It looks really spacious to me, yes babes?
Can fit almost all your belongings in it I'm sure.
I've always fancied denim items, so this is yummeh!


Item: 3-way-studded-bag

I remember reviewing this bag at RM55! :)
It's going for RM39 now. Save RM16 girls!!!


Item: Go Metal

Suits rocker chics most, I'd say, what with the studs.
Even if you're not, fret not my darlings babes. :D
I think it can match perfectly well with casual outfits.


Item: Vintage Bag

Handcarry? Sling it? Backpack it? :$
Or shoulder carry? Speedy bag carry?
Ohmegosh! So many ways of carrying it!
Definitely worth splurging on I'd say! :D

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