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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Glossy chic! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Chanel Quilted Look

Omgosh, I love the chain with pretty charms!
It's a tad bit high in price, but worth it I'd say. :)


Item: Pocket Tissue Holder

Hurrray!!! A home for your tissue packets! :D
They have a few designs, go check them out!


Item: Vintage Hermes

Vintage fashion items are just the in thing now yeah?
Bet you don't wanna miss out on this beauties, no? ;)


Item: Handbag 06

It's simple yet nice, don't cha all agree?
A lil like a postman bag I'd say, teehee. :)


xoxo, Shorttay
Item: Collection 1 - B1001

Really suitable for office ladies or to carry to uni even!
And goodie thing, it's super affordable at RM38 can! :D


Item: Code 226

More vintage bags for you girls! :P
Remember how I used to not fancy them?
I really am starting to like vintage now.


Item: Studded

More studs babes! Golden studs prettily laid out. :)


Item: Building Blocks

Oh! Now this is something special yo!
A mini blocks pouch/wristlet perhaps?


Item: Gloss

Ahhhh... Glossyness! Makes me feel so comfy!
Very silky material don't cha think so babes? :)

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