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Friday, October 29, 2010

911 emergency - I need your help!

I'm in my final semester as an undergraduate student and I'm doing a research thesis on Zynga's Texas Hold'em Poker on Facebook game application. And I need your help!

If you've played the game before, kindly click here to take the surveyIt is a short 10 multiple choice questions which will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

It would be very much appreciated if you could ask your friends whom you know also play the game, to take this survey.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My sister's closette is my closette! :D

That's RM45, yes you read that right babes! They're both RM45 for the lovely top and ribbon shorts. I love how they help us match up a top and bottom at such a low price!

We have a couple of other sets here that they've put together for us, and you're paying only like RM40-45 for two pieces. Yes, TWO PIECES! Cool, right? :D Especially if you have problem matching your top and bottoms, then bingo! GET THE SET ALREADY!

But if you prefer to play mix and match on your own, by all means, you can! They have really awesome tops in store too! Tops that are selling for really affordable prices! See that union top that you can also make as a jacket with a basic top? I've seen that selling for more than RM10 extra in other blogshops!

And boy oh boy, that polka dot top is just TOO cute to not have! ;)

Pair the tops with SKIRTS if you like! They have heaps of 'em high waisted skirts! ;)

And lots of pretty high-waisted shorts too can! I particularly like those tied-up at the back, damn chio lor. Are you more of a skirt or shorts person?

I think I am more of a shorts person, unless I feel 'hiao' then I'll wear skirt. HAHAHA! What nonsense am I talking? Anyways!

Dresses!!! I'd say their style is more casual, say for a day out or for a simple dinner gathering with your bunch of friends. As much as I wish I could, I hardly ever wear dresses here in Australia, because it's too cold. Well, except during Summer because it gets WAYYYY too hot to wear jeans. But with Malaysia's weather, dresses are awesome! :D

They have long cardi's that I notice are a big hit in Malaysia. I've always wondered why though? It's so damn bloody hot, how can you withstand the heat with these cardis on?

For office ladies, I totally understand because they're in an a/c room all day, but to the malls?!! Okay let's not get into that.

When I'm home and I wanna put a cardi on to cover the horrible flabs on my arm, I'd go for the ones with short sleeves! I love love love these floral ones, I wanna have ALL of em! Teeheehee. I think I shall add these lovely floralies to my collection next.

AREN'T YOU LIKE GOING GOO-GOO-GAA-GAA over all of their items already? Don't lie if you say you're not. Because I was damn awwwwww, I actually picked 3 items out to get from writing this review you know.

And the best part of all is, they're having a FREE POSTAGE promotion now! I love it best when I get my items on a slashed price, and added on with free postage. Ah, talk about saving money! ;)
  1. Free pos express* for ANY item!
  2. Free pos laju* for 2 items plus RM 2 off total purchase!
  3. Free pos laju* for 3 items plus RM 5 rebate!
  4. Purchase 4 items to get free pos laju* and RM 8 rebate!
READER'S SPECIAL: Include the phrase 'I Love TLF & Sista Closette' in your email or order form and be entitled for a further RM3 rebate! ;)

The only requirement to be entitled for this massive promotion, is that you pay within 2 days after order have been confirmed. Their sales and free postage promotion is valid only until the 30/10/10, so you might wanna hurry already babes!

Sista Closette
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Capsicum, oh yums!

The first thing that crosses my mind when I stumbled upon Miss Capsicum was the number of pretty tops they have in store!

Don't you adore how flowy this top is? I bet you it'll be a very comfy to wear especially on a hot day! I can't decide which colour I prefer though, I like 'em both just as much. Which would you pick?

Scallop-collars top! With a functional pocket with a cute ribbon add-on!
Best paired with high-waisted shorts, totally love the pastel colour trends. :D

Mesh and ribbons!!! I super duper like!!! Comes in 2 colours, the cool and the sweet.
The pink one is oh-so-sweet, and can be easily paired with shorts, or skirts even. ;)

Definitely love the print for this one here. And the tiered layers at the bottom too.

Denim, check;
Polka dot, check;
Laces, check!

All the in-trend on one blazer! What's not to like already? ;)

And some vintage top for you vintage lovers out there! ;)

Everyone just got to have one of 'em SCALLOP SHORTS!
If you haven't already, here's a cute piece babes!
You may go for the denim stripes to pair with dark coloured tops.
Or very well the black to pair with light-coloured tops.
I like to constrast my outfit mix and match. :P

And there we have some pretty dresses too!
Super huge bow dress, and the nautical sailor dress.
Is it me or is the stripes trend back again? LOVES!

Gold studs on denim sandals, can be easily matched babes!
And with straps that can be adjusted too - proper fitting can.
It's slightly elevated at the heel to make shorties like me feel that TAD taller. :P

With all that yummies in store for us, don't you wanna hop over already?
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D