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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Capsicum, oh yums!

The first thing that crosses my mind when I stumbled upon Miss Capsicum was the number of pretty tops they have in store!

Don't you adore how flowy this top is? I bet you it'll be a very comfy to wear especially on a hot day! I can't decide which colour I prefer though, I like 'em both just as much. Which would you pick?

Scallop-collars top! With a functional pocket with a cute ribbon add-on!
Best paired with high-waisted shorts, totally love the pastel colour trends. :D

Mesh and ribbons!!! I super duper like!!! Comes in 2 colours, the cool and the sweet.
The pink one is oh-so-sweet, and can be easily paired with shorts, or skirts even. ;)

Definitely love the print for this one here. And the tiered layers at the bottom too.

Denim, check;
Polka dot, check;
Laces, check!

All the in-trend on one blazer! What's not to like already? ;)

And some vintage top for you vintage lovers out there! ;)

Everyone just got to have one of 'em SCALLOP SHORTS!
If you haven't already, here's a cute piece babes!
You may go for the denim stripes to pair with dark coloured tops.
Or very well the black to pair with light-coloured tops.
I like to constrast my outfit mix and match. :P

And there we have some pretty dresses too!
Super huge bow dress, and the nautical sailor dress.
Is it me or is the stripes trend back again? LOVES!

Gold studs on denim sandals, can be easily matched babes!
And with straps that can be adjusted too - proper fitting can.
It's slightly elevated at the heel to make shorties like me feel that TAD taller. :P

With all that yummies in store for us, don't you wanna hop over already?

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