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Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't miss me!

I will be on a mini hiatus... simply because I've got 5 assignments due next week, ON THE SAME DAY! *pulls hair and screams like someone who just ran out of Tanjung Rambutan bagaikan dunia hampir khiamat*

I'm pretty sure you girls will understand how stressful it is. But but but, because procrastination sometimes stands in the way, I might come back to update if I have the time, that is. Otherwise, stay tuned for the first week of November. Why?

Because Miss TLF will be back with a BANG!
And by BANG, I mean one hellavu BIG BANG!
Yes, think party, think free bags/cash vouchers!!! :D
Till then babes! Take care! *hugs and kisses* ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For us headbands lovers! ;D

Today, we're not seeing any bags unfortunately. Teehee. :P
I have this crazy fascination for headbands/hairbands now.
So this is dedicated to you girls who share the same passion.


Comes in red, black, and white! ;)


Pochi Ochi ~ RM15



Pineberry ~ RM18

That's a set of two hairbands with detachable flower brooch


Miss Arnab ~ Stay tuned! ;)

Note: The above two are sold out already. :'(
But they've got more to come the next update.





Baby Be Dazzled ~ RM18-35




And well, something very different to wrap up this post! :D

Okie dokie, I hope this helped any of your headband lovers!
Any blogshop owners who're selling headbands, email me!
I'd love to update this post sometime in the future.
Or maybe even come up with a second post for it. *giggles*

We'll get back to bags the next update alrighto darlings? ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Need to go on a rehab?


Indeed it is. It's the best way to let loose yourself, no? ;D

Shopping is like chocolates without those sinful kgs!

And may I say that BAGS are NOT just any accessory...

They're an attitude! ;)

They spell CLASS.

They spell ELEGANCE.

They spell CASUAL.

They spell TRENDY.

They spell COOL.

They spell SMART.


Which one of the above are you?

And what more can bring a big wide smile to Miss TLF's face...

...if not the bucket bags? ;)

And simply because you're Miss TLF's reader...
You get the privilege of a sneak preview! ;)
This is what they're bringing in for their next updates.

You're excited already, aren't you babes?
Your addiction is kicking in again, isn't it?

Your hands are shaking, your vision is blurring, your brains are functioning no more because all that you're thinking of is: "Where can I get all of those pretty bags already? I need 'em like right now!" Well, here's how you can satisfy that wild crazeeeeeeey mad addiction of yours... Yes darlings, just click on the link below:

Ahhhh, blissssss! ;)
Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D