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Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't miss me!

I will be on a mini hiatus... simply because I've got 5 assignments due next week, ON THE SAME DAY! *pulls hair and screams like someone who just ran out of Tanjung Rambutan bagaikan dunia hampir khiamat*

I'm pretty sure you girls will understand how stressful it is. But but but, because procrastination sometimes stands in the way, I might come back to update if I have the time, that is. Otherwise, stay tuned for the first week of November. Why?

Because Miss TLF will be back with a BANG!
And by BANG, I mean one hellavu BIG BANG!
Yes, think party, think free bags/cash vouchers!!! :D
Till then babes! Take care! *hugs and kisses* ;)

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