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Friday, July 24, 2009

Did you miss me? :$

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Architectural

They're currently sold out. No doubt about that.
But fret not! It's restockable in green and brown!
What cha waiting for? Go place your orders already!


Item: Sweet Lantern

Really really feminine and sweet I'd say.
Comes in both baby pink and blue! :)


Item: Gucci Inspired AAA Grade

Looks as good as new and real aye? :)
But it's only an inspired. And pre-loved.
This taken-good-care-of-bag is going at RM300.
And the price is negotiable! Babes, go do ur thang!


Item: Non Authentic Toki Toki Pouch

Sooooooo cute one this pouch, omg! XD
And selling for only RM12 girls! GRAB!


Item: Baby Phat

I'm not sure if it's inspired or authentic as it's not stated.
But being priced at RM280, I'd reckon it's authentic! :)


xoxo, Funtogs
Item: Petit Noe Bags

Blue checked and brown bucket bag! Coolness! :)
They have one LV inspired petit noe in red too!


Item: MJ Inspired Quilted Stam Bag

It's amazing how they always have great finds! :)
First they had LV, Gucci, JC and now Marc Jacobs!


Item: Booo5

Comes in this pretty turquoise colour. :)
Letting go at a steal for RM31 babes!!!


Item: Three Bags

All the three bags above looks good. :)
I prefer the quilted bucket bag! Sweeet~

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