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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Denim fever.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: PG112

I still denim bags and I can't help going ooh-ahh.
I just think they're simply amazing and pretty, no? :D


Item: Oversized Quilted Drawstring

Not your typical quilted bag, babes! :)
But it's drawstring, something so in right now!


xoxo, Winkstick
Item: Quilted Denim Bag

More denim bags! And hey, it's quilted! :D


Item: Zipper Hobo

Something casual that will never run outta trend! :D


Item: Lovely-licious Polka

I'd reckon this is more suitable for the OL's! :)
But don't cha all love the polka dots ribbon girls?


Item: Smashing Tote

They have it in three colours yeah?
That's purple... brown... and... and...
Well, head over to check it out yourself! :P


Item: MiNGle Bag

An inspired MNG bag. Really huge, suitable for schooling. :)

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