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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In support of handmade products! :D

*Bag (Pouch) of the Day!*

Item: Passport Cover

So cute! So sweet! So lovely! I WANT ONE TOO! XD
My passport needs a home too. And this is perfecto!


Item: Cute Lil Blue Elephant Coins Pouch

Mr Blue Elephant says, "BUY ME!"


Item: Bunnies Pouch

I think I saw bunnies in my dream yesterday.
But they weren't red or black. They were pink! :P


xoxo, Heart Eco
Item: Birdie Make Up Pouch

Doesn't matter if you don't want to store your make up.
It is definitely to cute to be hidden. Use it as a coin bag! :D


xoxo, mer?
Item: Notebook case

mer?'s creation has always been simple yet nice! :)


Item: Purple English Style Tote

Just a few weeks ago, Anna Sui inspired bags were so in.
Everyone was so hyped up over floral. This is almost similar.
Only it looks way more beautiful. And hey, it's handmade!!!


Item: Bottle Pouch

We've seen all kinda handmade pouches, no?
But this is something more special, hurrray!
It's a pouch for your water bottle. So cool, ain't it?


Item: For Darling Sister

Look at this! It's so lovely, don't cha all agree? :D
Especially that heart-shaped zipper! Me love <3!!!


Item: AC07 Pattern 1

They have a veryyyy bewtifool one in pink! Me likeyyy!
So tempted to post it up, but it's too pinky-fied in here. :P


Item: New items

I always look up to those with creative hands. Always.
How come they're so good at crafting? *greeen in envy*


xoxo, Yana
Item: Hana Pouch

She spent three days making these handmade wristlets!
Gotta give it up to her really. Good job sayang! Really! :D

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