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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mix and match.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: LV Tribute Patchword
Price: RM290

How many bags is she carrying there? *confused*
One. Satu. Yi. So cool right, right, right?? Me likey! :D
One of the best LV design in line after my fav Mini Lin.


xoxo, Fascinate
Item: Bring Me Out
Price: RM40

I was trying to tell which way it was from the pictures.
And in the end, I sorta gave up because it's so hard.
Don't get what I mean? Hit on the link above to give it a go.


xoxo, Fascinate
Item: Blingz
Price: RM85

I have only one word for this - classy! :D

Item: Incy Wincy
Price: RM49.90

So cute! Got fringes like cats whiskers! :P
Not that I'm any cat lovers but it's cute!


xoxo, Flitterby
Item: Pumpkin Bag
Price: RM59

So slouchy bag means that you can chuck anything in!
Can be used as shoulder or sling bag as you fancy. :D


Item: Dolls Pencil Case
Price: RM20

Adore the case but no longer go to school? Fret not!
We have "pencils" too, right? Eg, eyeliners, mascara. ;)
And this is so handmade, me support very much!


xoxo, mer?
Item: The Orangey One
Price: RM105

Oooh! Handmade bags! I support! You must, too! :P
The orange stripes so bright and the buttons details.


xoxo, Toko Kado
Item: Juicy Couture
Price: RM60

It has the golden JC buckles at the sides! :)

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