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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I lay in luxuriously with my baggie on! :)

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What's more awful than you strolling along the shops of luxury brands at Starhill and seeing something you really fancy, yet can't seem to afford that gorgeous piece of fashion item you just fell head over heels for? I know exactly how it feels, and I'm sure most of you, at some point of your life, have experienced it before too, right?

The desire of longing and passion just tugs at your heartstrings. And you can't help taking your gaze off that-no-idea-number-what-bag-you-fell-in-love-with, that's if you're as bagaholic as I am, then it's inevitable that you'll lose count. Teehee. ;)

And I wonder which hero, or heroin for that matter, invented this new thing, called the Replica. And soon enough, Replicas are seen mushrooming all around the world. In less than 80 days. That's how powerful Replicas are. Even greater than Jackie Chan wtf. (If you don't get the joke, please do brush it aside.) Before we know it, there's a whole wide range of Replicas in the market, ranging from A-AAA Grade. Replicas with the most A, ace and win.

Grade AAA replica bags are usually very identical to that of an authentic product in terms of the outlook of it. Materials used are about the similar feel as well, only that it's WAYYY cheaper. Sometimes by half, sometimes by 70%! No kidding can! Though I have this principle of either buying the authentic or nothing at all, I believe most girls wouldn't agree with me, right?

As long as you can get your hands on that pretty baby, who gives a sh*t if it's not authentic. And that's when Sha Stylo Chic, just like The Powerpuff Girls, comes to the rescue! *giggles* (The inner-child in me is dying to come out, just let her be for the moment.)

"Jimmy Choo! I want my Jimmy Choo!"
Unfortunately, he's not for sale. Hahaha! :P
Opps, since when did Miss TLF get this lame?

The above bag you see, as you've already guessed it right, is a Jimmy Choo's replica bag. *wooots!* As much as it is a replica, may I remind you girls that, it is indeed completely made of leather material and has this very wild and trendy snake print handle to complete the classy look. Jimmy Choo's fan, there's more to come, behold!

With a touch of suede in the center of attention, this bag totally speaks the language of Elegance. Count yourself as one that falls under that category, or wanting to be one who speaks that language? You've all along loved Jimmy Choo's fashion item that you have to spend that extra 10 minutes pampering your eyes just by looking through the Jimmy Choo's big window? Yet, each time it hurts because as much as you wish, you won't be able to bring it home. Have all these boxes ticked? Then yes, you're the one. And it's time you grab one already. After all, it's only RM770 in comparison to that of an authentic bag, this is one hellavu steal!

Sick of your dress and your Jimmy Choos? :P
No worries, because Hermes comes to the rescue!
Am I seeing bricks or is this all an illusion?
Very vintage, no? Suitable for dressy OL's. :D

C for Chanel. Make sure you carry it the right way. ;)
So as to show off that two intertwinned C's to the world.
This shade of orangey yellow reminds me of sunshine.
It will definitely brighten up your outfit and day, can? :)

I guess I need not introduce this brand to you babes. :P
It is very much well known with that signature monogram.
Priced at RM500, you can go break your piggy bank now.
Nobody will know if this's an authentic or a replica anyway. ;)
So, why not save up that RM2000 or even more, I'm not too sure.

This is the cheapest among the lot, priced at RM310.
This Dior skin-colour replica does look chic to me. :D
Dior used to be my favourite luxury brand but uh-uh.
As I grew up, my tastebuds grew up too and they changed.

Saving the best for the last, like I always do. :)
I was gobsmacked in the face when I saw this, can?
Class & elegance is written all over this gorgeous piece.
The Louis Vuitton. With that gold buckle. Oh so trendy!

Are you girls itching to lay your hands on them already?
Especially after knowing that they're THAT affordable. :D
With prices ranging from RM310-RM770, and that's not it.
For being Miss TLF's reader, you're special like that.

The first two customers are entitled to 10% discount. Woohoo!!!
And a free mystery gift which isn't all that mysterious anymore.
Because I'm letting out a tiny hint: It's white. It's pink. It's clutchy. ;)

The following three customers are entitled to just 10% discount.
If you were to calculate, you save up to a whooping amount of RM77!

If you're still contemplating and hesitating, you're gonna be late.
Slowpokes (ie. from the 6th customer onwards) get only 5%!
They're so nice for giving out consolation discounts. Just sweet. :D

So hurry up and go clickey click on their link and send in your orders.
Be the first 5 customers to shout, "Miss TLF tells me so!"

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