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Monday, April 20, 2009


*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Anna Sui Pouches
Price: RM19

Convenient. Sassy. Trendy. Chic. Most importantly, Cheap!!!


Item: Elegant Gucci Slingz
Price: RM1800

The authentic classic edition! This. Is. A. Beauty. :)


Item: Charmed Handbag
Price: RM45

Are you girls charmed by the soft touch of fur and faux reptile prints?


xoxo, Chenoshop
Item: Leather Fringe Bag
Price: RM30

Fringes. May not be oh-so-trendy now but it's pretty!
Plus, it's "leather" and for that price, seriously, grab! :P


Item: I Love
Price: Negotiable

I believe that we girls are somehow made to negotiate.
And they're giving you a chance to do so for this replica. :D


Item: Checkered Bucket
Price: RM45

It's checkered. Tick. It's a bucket bag. Tick. Yum! :P


xoxo, OMG!
Item: Authentic Coach
Price: RM500

Seriously girls, OHMAIGATT! So pretty yet so cheap!


Item: Black Handbag
Price: RM20 (inc. postage!)

Now now babes, that's one good deal, no? STEAL!


Item: Shades of Violet
Price: RM35

Simple yet chic clutch that we can't live without. ;)


Item: Mini Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle
Price: RM90

Phewww! That's one mouthful of words for a name. :P
Though just a replica, but enough for us teenage babes, no?


farhazoeLa said...

can u reserved for me leather fringe bag. i will confirmed to u by the end of this month. the bag is so gorgeous.

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Hey there, I'm just a reviewer. Kindly head over to http://chenoshop.blogspot.com/ to purchase! :D

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D