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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decisions, oh decision!

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Soak Republic
Item: Hippy Punky
Price: RM65

It's studded. It has fringes. It's a sling. Or is it a clutch? ;)


xoxo, Bags Lover
Item: Bricks
Price: RM46

Small, cute, and convenient. Says it all, no? :)


xoxo, Fashion Splash
Item: Oh so colourful!
Price: RM15

Rainbow, rainbow, where are you? *grins*
Love the bright colours, don't you too? :)


xoxo, i-Materials
Item: Chanel Inspired Chain Bag
Price: RM42

Bright candy colours chanel inspired chain bags! :D
We've not seen something like that just yet, eh?


xoxo, Scarlet Garments
Item: Petite Sling Bag
Price: RM36

This is one good steal, I'd reckon! :D
Replica it is, but beautifully made, yeah?


xoxo, PG Bags
Item: The Oversized
Price: RM45

This bag looks soooo huge on this petite model. :P
Looks big enough for you to pack 3 days clothings in.

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