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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forget bags for today! We're going for pouches! :D

*Pouches of the day!*
(Yes, we're going for two!)

xoxo, Thread Whispers
Item: Dottie & Checks

Oh-me-gosh, this is so cute! Polka dotsies and checks! :D
It's definitely going under my MUST-HAVE list!!! Hehe.

xoxo, Thread Whispers
Item: Envelope Clutch with Bow

It's oh-so-sweet don't cha think? Me loveeee! *giggles*
Yeap, I'm sure you'll agree with me this newbie in town
definitely have yummeh handmade products, yes babes? :D


xoxo, Bags-licious
Item: Lavin Happy Bag

Are you happy today, my dear readers? :)
If you're not, head over to order this bag!
Because it is pretty like that, it makes us all :D!


xoxo, AliceWonders.com
Item: Cat Whiskers Pink Tassel

Yayness! It's quilted with that famous chain.
And now it has fringes too! Wootza! :)
I bet you don't wanna miss out on those whiskers!


xoxo, Super Rolling
Item: Bucket Quilted Bag

Yay! Bucket bags! I love bucket bags, don't you too?
And this time they come in quilts too! How cool, no? :D


xoxo, Princess Feverlicious
Item: Original Emporio Armani Bag

Yeap, they have bags too! See their LOGO CHARM there!
Love how the bag glitters away, definitely will turn heads! ;)


xoxo, Mamyto Style
Item: Prada Fashion Bag

Oh gosh! I've lost track with the new trend!
I didn't know Prada has such bags, can?!! :(
But this is a replica version yea. With free postage!


xoxo, Dress Me Up Now
Item: Tods Duffle Shoulder Bag

I like slouchy bags! Makes me feel so comfy! :P
Yeah just by looking at it! Haha, I'm so weird. LOL!


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