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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ring-a-bell! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Picobell
Item: Zippy Bag

I love the colour combination! :D
And the plenty of zippers all over.


Item: Michelle

They named this clutch on my honour! :P
Yeah la, I wish. But I love the glossyness.
Oh, and the heart shaped lock too! Pretty!


Item: D'e

Take note of the braided handles.
And the zippers at the side too! :D


Item: Miss Hot Chic Bag

Now this is chic! Where's hot you ask?
Comes in black too! Looks more bikie. ;)


Item: Wrislet Pouch

You can get Ciyou to customize a pouch for you. :D
And you're free to combine whatsoever fabrics you wish.


xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Batman

Head on over to Room 8008 and ask for Batman.
Proceed with fishing out RM8 and there you go! :D


Today's the 20th May - 520.
520 is said to sound like 我爱你。
Today is the day, my darling babes.
To pluck the courage from inside out.
To tell your loved ones I LOVE YOU. :)

And on this special day, Miss TLF wants to shout out
a super duper zuper big and sincere THANK YOU
to all those who has been supporting her since
The Luxurious Fashionista started in late Nov. :)

I love y'all! :D

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