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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tweet tweet! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Chance
Item: Tweed

THE BIG OH-ME-GOSH!!! Pretty pretty tweeds!
As much as I am a sucker for pink, I'd go for blue! :X


Item: Brix

Build build build a bag in bricks brix. :P


xoxo, TeAmo
Item: Denim Quilted Tote

I love anything denim, if you can't already tell.
And this baby comes with a long sling strap too! :D


Item: Yellow Mustard

Mustard mustard on my sandwich!
Yellow Mustard on my Balenciaga! :P


Item: Stylish Bag

This is more for the vintage lovers! :)
And psst, it's a bucket bag! Teeheehee!


Item: Smoke Blue

Tell me, what can be better than to find a beauty at a slash?


Item: I am a Plastic Bag!

We had previously the I AM NOT PLASTIC BAG trend yeah?
Now we have The Plastic Bags Series. Something for a change!


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