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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Did you peeps miss me? :D

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Nostalgic Boston Bag

I love the colours! They're so nicely combined! :D


Item: Sweety Ribbon

You sweet enough for this quilted baby? Of course!
We all are, cox we're girls! And girls are sweet. ;)


Item: Carry It All Bag

The name of the bag says it all, no?
Anything at all can fit in. Except you! :P


xoxo, Vego
Item: Studded Fringe

It's the studs and the fringes! They're back!


Item: Vintage Baby

Checkered - Tick.
Ribbon - Tick.
Vintage lovers, go!


Item: LV Speedy 30 Mini Lin *fav!*

They're having a whole chapter for LV replicas!
Psst... Now everyone knows my fav LV bag! ;)


Item: Gorgeous in Pink/Black

Goes really well with the dress model has on!
And of course the bag looks classy and chic! :D

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