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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just temporary! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Glossy PG

I like all four, couldn't decide which to go for.
Though the purple catches my eyes more. ;)


Item: JC Black Leather Handbag

Authentic Juicy Couture at a steal! GRAB!!! :D


Item: Chloe Bag

Do you like their items? Vote for them! :D


Item: Gucci Unicef

Le Femme Fatale are at it again! :D
This I super duper love! Only RM120!!!


Item: Floral Print Clutch

It comes with a strap to make it hand carry too yeah? :)
And haven't you heard already... Florals are in trend?


Item: Vintage Medium Suede Satchel

Remember I reviewed a bucket vintage? ;)
This is of the similar pattern, just different shape.


Item: White Gold

They're selling away their Cat Whiskers tote!


Item: CHER Eco Bag

Comes in two sizes - medium and large! :)
Love the environment? Get a Eco Bag! Haha!


Advertorial - Free iPod up for grabs!
Click on banner to find out more.



Miss TLF is real busy with her finals. :(
It means a lot to her to score and excel.
But she will still update, just not daily.
Fret not, I'll be here every alternate days.
This is only going to be temporary alright?
Hope you understand yeah! Thank you! :D

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