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Friday, August 21, 2009

Shake your bum bum! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Tender Blush
Item: Indie

I love how the picture is captured.
The beauty of the bag is so justified. :)


xoxo, Dr. Pizzicato
Item: Doctor Vintage

They're taking orders to restock. Woots!
You don't wanna miss out again yeah? :D


xoxo, Lovely Closet
Item: RCA01146

Don't you love those big heartsie flaps too? ;)


xoxo, Bags with Tags
Item: Prada

Prada brown leather with netting! :D
Yes, you saw that right, NETTING!!!
Omgosh, how cool is that already can?
I think it's veryyyy pweeety and me likey!


xoxo, Adornment Alley
Item: Red Zara Hottie

The bright red is definitely hot like chilly! ;)
And guess what babes? Imported from Spain!


xoxo, Babe Shop
Item: MARC by Marc Jacobs

It's a Fall-Winter collection that comes with a book!
Stated to be authentic babes, so don't miss out! :D


xoxo, Ziana Preloves
Item: LV Sling Bag

Well admittedly, this doesn't look authentic. :$
But it's only going for RM30, what more can you ask?

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