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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I see stripes... I go gaga!

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Ultimate Dazzle
Item: UD24119

It was so hard to decide which bag to review. Like seriously.
I mean the colours - red, purple, orange, blue, pink.
I love canvas bags, don't you too? Especially stripey ones!


xoxo, My Kedai Runcit
Item: Pirates Bear

Like how we gave our h/p or iPod homes...
It's time we give our Passports a home too!
This is one really too cute & adorable to resist! ;)
They have in store also a Flying Jumbo and Quack.


xoxo, LuviNing
Item: Lil Bear

I love how creative handmade products are getting!
This is also a passport cover - classic and feminine. ;)
And again, it's stripey, with a cute beary flap on the top!


xoxo, Vogue in You
Item: A078

You can carry this pretty bag three ways.
Handcarry, sling, and backpack it! Woots!
It's cute yet sophisticated. Simply pretty!


xoxo, Le Loves
Item: Leather Fashionable Bag

In conjunction of Merdeka Day...
This bag is on sales! Yaynesssss! :D
I love the elegant look of mini pouch.
Like a kangaroo! *teeheehee* Funny me!


xoxo, Shop With Narnia
Item: Oversized Tote

Indeed it is... Really oversized I must say.
Looks really huge on the petite girl model.
But it's trendy and convenient so go grab one!


xoxo, Just Bag It
Item: Fabric Beach Bags

Checks! It has been quite a while yeah?
They have a few other designs too! :)
You might wanna check them out ya babes!
Hint: Floral, Leaves, Circles, Stripes! *wink*

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