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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I see pretty! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Moi Closette
Item: Chanel Extraordinary

I spy with my little eye, something very special.
I spy with my little eye, very extraordinary colours.
I spy with my little eye, three very pweeety bags.
May I say they are uber gorgeous, you cannot resist? ;)


Item: Burberry Handbags

A couple of days ago, we came across 4-5AAA replicas.
And now they are back with an even more awesome grade.
6AAA or they call it the mirror 1:1 product. Hmmmm....
In other words I bet they meant to say it's just like the original.
Prices were not provided, but you might want to get asking.


Item: So Succulent

So yummeh, and so succulent, and sweeet too, no?
And it's only RM20 for such a lovely pretty bag!
And postage is on the blogshop owner. Nice of her~
Just in case you don't already know, this is a handmade!
Sold out, but I guess remakes MIGHT be possible.


Item: Clutch/Wristlet

You can clutch it and wrist (is there such a word) too!
Put your wrist around the loop, and clutch it.
Or you can simply clutch it. Or simply wrist it. ;)
Heh, I know I'm being a little chatty today.
Not like the usual me, don't know why either.


Item: Quilted Shoulder Bag

In gold! Gold! Gold! Gold is niceeeeee! :)
They have it in other colours too you know.
Namely brown, grey, and white! Teehee.
Now this is the perfect uni bag for me.
Cox it's so big and convenient... I can... I can...
Just chuck everything in and it'll still fit! :P


Item: Pink Heart Shaped Bag

Now this is lovely yeah? Very sweet.
And trendy with the gold hoopies too!
And doesn't it reminds you of something?
A particular brand, maybe? Ring any bells?
*cough*Uh hem...I see a V and a S...*cough*

Alrightey, Miss Chatty is signing off! :)
Gotta rush off to class. Buhbyeeee girls!

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