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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I think I need 'em all! *giggles*

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Miss Dot

Omg! Omg! Omg! Definitely a surprise from Miss OCD.
This is such a beauty can! Now now, I think I might get it. ;)
Can't wait to see more picts later. Be there at 9.30pm to grab!


Item: Checkered Bag

One of my favouritest bucket bags I've seen so far.
I'm contemplating of getting one for myself!!!
I know I'm still very much in love with bucket bags!
And also partly because I still love checks. Period.


Item: Houndstooth Bag

It has a very vintage element in terms of its shape.
And it's a bit bucket-ish, I bet it's roomy inside.
Ah shucks, I want to get this too! Alamak larh me!!!
Now there's so many on my I-WANT-THIS list. :$


Item: Aloha Stylist Bag

Cute handbag to strut along the streets with. Fuhweet!
Comes only in ONE piece so you might wanna go grab. ;)


Item: S85

Hmmm, I'd say go for the Pink!
No no, the White looks just as good too.
But Yellow is so sunshiney, agreed darls?
Will definitely brighten up your outfit!
Oh gawd, my OCD in deciding strikes again!
They're all pretty, don't cha think so? Yum!


Item: Striped Beach Bag

I remember this design used to be a big hit here.
Yeap, I meant here in Melbourne, not Malaysia.
And most Melburnians have one of this designs.
It could be as coin purse or pencilbox. *giggles*
Comes together with a small white bag yeah babes! :)


Item: Beaded Clutch

Last but not least, the very pretty and sweet looking clutch.
They have like 12 designs for you to choose from, can! Nice~

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