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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fetishism with Miss TLF.

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Chance Boutique
Item: Emma

I am not over the Bucket Bag phase yet.
So yeah, put up with me and my buckets! ;P


xoxo, Chance Boutique
Item: Popeye

And may I bring to you my new fetish! ;)
Sailor bags! Woooooots! Me loooikeeey much!
Maybe I should name myself... OLIVE!!! Lol.


xoxo, I am a Woman, hear me Roar!
Item: Summer Bags

I love the blogshop name so uber much! Don't you too? ;)
And yes, how can we miss out on such a lovely stripey bag?


xoxo, Elegant Poise
Item: Elegant Lollipop

Is it just me or it looks kinda small in the picture?
But hey, can fit a Cleo mag yo! So it's not too small.
Can be used to work or for college/uni even babes!


xoxo, CheapnChic
Item: The Shimmer Hobo

Only RM35! Comes in a few colours yeah babes!
Go shimmer along the streets already can! ;)


xoxo, Prettie Simple
Item: Big Clutch

Simple but prettie = Prettie Simple. :P
Omgosh, I am getting real lame. HAHA!
But really, sometimes simple is good! :)
Don't have to be too sophisticated at times!


xoxo, Sara.My
Item: Liz Clairborne

I love how colouful and bright this wallet is! Nuff' said.


xoxo, Mezzo
Item: Handmade 037

Handmade pouches/clutches girls for RM25! :)
I believe you can choose your preferred fabric.

1 comment:

SARA dot said...

Dear Miss TLF,

Thanks a million for featuring the LC indexer in plaid from Sara.my.

The whole review of bags & such looks great!

Have a nice day =)


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