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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sailor girls! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, A Bag A Day
Item: Wicked Sista

I am sooooo tempted to hit on the imaginary BUY button.
Like seriously, this is just oh-so-cool, you MUST have can!
Love the hassle free compartments and slots available to us.
And it's such a easy peasy thing to handle, and bring around.


xoxo, Dolly & Wendy
Item: Canvas Collection

Hey you Sailor girl! Go rock your outfit with this baby! ;)


xoxo, Vogue In You
Item: S86

And again, more Sailor bags! This comes with a ribbon!
Simply oh-so-sweet yeah, hurry up and grab already! ;)
And did I forget to mention, it comes in Blue & White too?


xoxo, The Doodle Shop
Item: Coach Canvas Bag

An authentic Coach bag for sale at RM1000.
It is retailing for RM2750 originally yeah? *winks*


xoxo, Mia & Mika
Item: Flashback #3

Simply love how lovely this cream satin bow bag is.
The perfect dinner bag for your Prom or Ball already.
All the better if the chain is detachable right babes?
Then it can be used as a clutch too! Perfecto yummeh!


xoxo, Skirts & Dresses
Item: Tropicana Life

I used to love that brand when I was in my teen years.
As in early adolescent years, prolly 12-14 years old. ;)
And I'm sure there are plenty of young girls out there too.
This is suitable as a tuition bag, and it's only RM30 can!


Item: Charlie Bag

And yes, a handmade tote! For only RM29.90!
You can so customize your own one already! ;)

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