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Friday, November 26, 2010

Just WIZZ it! ;)

I remember years ago, I attended this Add Maths tuition class with my best friend, Adam. There was a girl of whom Adam thought was REALLY CUTE.

Well, not until he saw her lift her arms, he spotted a patch of dark armpit hair and he turned to look at me with the word 'DISGUSTED' clearly engraved on his face.

Of course, underarm hair is perfectly natural but many, including myself, consider it embarrassing or unattractive. In fact, I think it is very unhygienic and without a doubt...


In contemporary culture, hair removal is a grooming practice and many would prefer to remove their underarm hair by shaving as it is less painful and it saves up more time.

There are other options like waxing or using the manual tweezer, but both that options can be quite painful to some. I've been using either the razor or the tweezer, depending on my mood. If I'm lazy, I'll just shave. If I feel a little more hardworking, I'd pluck.

While shaving the underarm hair is a quick and easy practice, maintenance for many people including myself, is daily. By using the manual tweezers to pluck, the hair takes longer to grow, but then again, it's such a tedious practice that my neck hurts.

But today, I need not worry no more. The invention of this "something" that's both fast and gentle, grabs and removes unwanted hair from the roots, keeping it from growing back for weeks.

This is the amazing invention: The WIZZIT!

The best part of the Wizzit is that you can use it anywhere on your body, even on those areas where you were afraid to shave, pluck or wax before.

I personally tried the Wizzit on my eyebrows just for the sake of it, and gosh, I almost distorted my eyebrows' shape. :P In my opinion, I'd recommend the Wizzit mainly for underarm hair.

I mean you don't want to Wizz your armpit then a couple of minutes later, move to Wizz your bikini line then after you're done... You start to Wizz your facial hair?!! Well, I wouldn't want to do that so my Wizzit is mainly to replace my razor.

The Wizzit has no blades, instead working as an epilator, gently removing hair and leaving you with smooth hair-free skin. It is specially designed to reach out and firmly hold on to the hair and its rotating action ensures a gentle removal of the hair shaft, root and all.

Trust me, it's not painful although the whirring sound might scare you a little. Having said that though, may I add that it does not remove 100% of your hair thoroughly as it gets a tad bit tricky when it comes to an uneven surface area. It'll take you a while to get used to getting the Wizzit on the correct angle, then you'll be Wizzing through like a pro.

What surprised me most was...

As a bonus they will also give you this handy manicure and make-up set to complete your grooming kit. It's all so easy, efficient, compact and handy that I personally strongly advise all of you girls to go get a set. ;)

Whatcha waiting for, babes? It's all in the package: a Wizzit that comes with a pouch PLUS a set of manicure and make up set all arranged to perfection in a carry case. ;)

Yes babes, all of that only for RM59. And that's inclusive of FREE postage! ;)

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