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Monday, March 23, 2009

Knowing me, knowing you! :)

Hello there girls,

Something just striked me this morning, about myself. With my split personality of being a bakeanista and a fashionista all at the same time, I've been keeping my real identity anonymous. I have readers coming up to me via email, asking me bout my personal life.

Hmmm... It made me stop and think, if, you girls would prefer getting to know me better? Have you girls ever wondered how Miss TLF looks like? Have you girls ever wanted to know more about her? Say, is she single or attached? What's her love life like? What's she up to recently? Is she still a student or is she working? Yeah, you get my drift - questions of these sort.

I'm not sure about what you babes think, so I decided to start a poll! *giggles* I'll be leaving it there for a week to see how you, my dear fashionistas respond to it. Let me know if you're dying to get to know me better, or if you prefer me to stick to my pseudonym - Miss TLF.

xoxo, Miss TLF ;)

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