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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Sunday! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Vintage Zip Envelope
Price: RM53

I'm just lost with words. Don't know what to say. *zipped*
All I know is that I uber likey this sling/clutch, very much!


Item: Queens
Price: RM45

It's big. It's weaved-looking. It's purple!!!
Me and my purple fetish, woohoo! :D
There's one in yellow too if you're not a purple fan.


xoxo, Siisone
Item: Baby Bagy
Price: RM39

It is squarish, yet not that squarish!
The electric blue is so striking and...
The glossy bag is so classy. Make your pick!


Item: Chanel Inspired
Price: RM42

We've seen a lot of these babies, no?
But this is the CHEAPEST one around. :)


Item: Checkered Sling
Price: RM35

With a choice of three colours, and such affordable price,
what reasons can we give to NOT buy this darling, eh? ;)


Item: Ala Givenchy
Price: RM49

This bag has elegant and classy written all over.
I reckon more suitable for the working class! :D
Let your colleagues go green in envy, babes! *grins*


Item: You're A Star
Price: RM30

Something different from the typical bags we see, no?
Earlier on we had the elegant look, now the cute look! :)


xoxo, Sara.My
Item: Nine West Buckle Up
Price: RM160

Yes babes, authentic Nine West for only RM160!
That's inclusive of shipping somemore! *graabbb!*


Item: Wuff Wuff (Part 2)
Price: RM13

How much is that doggie in the window?
*woof woof* The one with the pointy ears!
Oh no! The inner child in me is taking over! :P

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