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Friday, March 20, 2009

The last hunt! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, SUZY
Item: My Fav
Price: RM33

This is love at first sight. Caught my attention right away.
It has this sweet feminine look that I really adore! :D
And for such a pretty bag, this is really very affordable!
Definitely up for the Bag of the Day title for today!!! ;)
Can my readers tell me which colour I should go for?
I like both the light and hot pink! Leave me some comments!


xoxo, ABLINC
Item: Hermes Birkins Tote
Price: RM62

Made of thick leather with great workmanship, this replica...
Is the bag to go if you're looking for a sophisticated look. :D


Item: Walkman Clutch
Price: RM180

*Hey hey, you you!* This is the coolest clutch ever!
Comes in SEVEN colours yo, and the design... FAB! :D


Item: Metallic Red
Price: RM34

Another blogshop with a range of bags and wallets!
This is very classy lor, and look at the price babes!
Totally worth buying, or at least have a look at! :D


xoxo, Baboobeep
Item: Fringe Love
Price: RM40

Love the name of this blogshop! Really cute! :D
And this bag is fringes madness! *rawwrrrr!*
Oh oh, notice the strap too! Awesome design!


Item: Rock Star
Price: RM62

So wrinkly leatherish gaya looking, right? Woots! ;)
It looks big enough for your college A4 notebooks too!


Item: Naraya Ribbon Bags
Price: RM42

They have shoulder bags, totes and wallets!
In a variety of colours to choose from! :D


Item: In House Bag
Price: RM59

Comes in three colours - black, brown, white. :)
Make your pick, babes! It's so slouchy looking, no?


Item: Crocs Attack
Price: RM35

Oh no! Helppppp! The crocs are attacking. *shouts*
Haha, okay that's the lame side of Miss TLF. :)
But I'd say this is uber reasonable for such a biggie.


Item: Skull Emperor
Price: RM40

Ganas! I get a tad bit *disgusted* when I see skulls.
But I'm sure there are lotsa peeps who likes it, right? :)

P/S: If you babes noticed, I'll be omitting colours in the future.
I've asked several of my readers and apparently it's irrelevant. ;)

1 comment:

Princess Feverlicious said...

hey gurl! light pink is really sweet and lady like. the hot pink is attractive and it shows the complete design of the bag as the contrast are better.

both are equally nice but the final ques is back to u. if u're the sweet and lady like type, lighter pink is more suitable.

if u're the modern and chic type, i think u would go for hot pink. ;)

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