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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The XOXO Award

From today onwards, there'll be some changes made.
Chill babes, chill! I'll still be doing my daily updates. :)
Only thing, in a different format. Shout, "Hurrrayyy!"
And and and, not just that, girls. I've got more!!! :D

I'll pick one bag among the lot that I'll be reviewing as the...

*Bag of the Day!*

And if a particular e-shop wins the title 9 times, yes, nine...
I will then reward the e-shop with Miss TLF's "XOXO Award".

And they will receive a tiny-weeny gift from me too! :D

*jeng jeng jeng*

Their banner link will be placed FOC at my sidebar for a week! :D
But on one condition... To participate, that e-shop gotta link us!
Fair enough, don't cha think babes? How are you girls liking this idea?
Email me at iamtlf@live.com for further enquiries or details. ;)


Sha-Lene said...

Oooh! :D Can't wait to see which is the 1st blogshop to win the XOXO Award! :D

ka mon said...

weeeee** what a interesting thing!!=D Hahaha!Good job miss TLF!!

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D