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Friday, March 13, 2009

A new chapter. :)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Miuccia Prada
Colour: Black
Price: RM150

Love how the gold chain draw together the lock and handle.
Looks absolutely stunning! And needless to say, sophisticated.
This gorgeous baby deserves the first "Bag of the Day" title. :D


Item: Chanel Quilted Bags
Colour: Black, White, Red, Pink
Price: RM60

Right now, they're actually taking in votes to see the respond.
Can you pretty puhlease go vote YES YES YES? I just did! :D
I terribly want one of this pretty baby pink one. Okay okay?


Item: Moderator
Colour: Brown, Blue
Price: RM69

It looks so soft, I want to hug it already! *teeheehee*
I'm in need of hugs. We should do a Bagaholic's Hug Day! :D


Colour: Silver, Gray, Gold
Price: RM23/each or RM40/two

Wootzies! Look at that. Classic, classic! *big grins*
Tilt it a lil, and you can see beautiful embossed designs.


Item: Anna Sui Wallet
Colour: Brown, Black, Red, Gold
Price: RM28

I've never seen any Anna Sui fashion items with this design.
But then again, why have the same thing as everyone else?
You can be special and stand out from the crowd, babes! :D


xoxo, *whatever*
Item: Anna Sui Coin Purse
Colour: White, Brown, Black
Price: RM28

Two days ago, we had the bags. Yesterday, we had wristlets.
And today, we got coin purses and wallets. Amazing, eh? ;)
This Englishy rose garden is making its way big to the market!


xoxo, Amore
Item: Clutch 
Colour: Brown, Red, Purple
Price: RM30

This faux snakey-snakey has lotsa compartments! :D
You can put your moolah! Your coins! Your shopping cards!


Item: Burberry Wannabe
Colour: Brown, Red, Black
Price: RM60

I like both the red and the black one.
I had a hard time deciding which to pick.
So in the end, I decided on both. *giggles*


Item: Diamond Delight
Colour: Red, Black, Gray
Price: RM50 (Free Shipping)

A simple clutch, added on with a hint of elegance. ;)
Yeap, I'm talking about the diamonte in the middle.


Item: Miss Diane
Colour: White
Price: RM50

Sling it, carry as a handbag or shoulder bag. ;)
Regardless of which you prefer, this does all 3.


xoxo, Style of 8
Item: Miss Elaine
Colour: Brown
Price: RM69

Backpackers, let's get our journey started!
Don't fancy backpacking? Sling it then! :D


Item: Chanel Madness
Colour: Brown, White
Price: RM95

This baby is imported from overseas. ;)
And made of thick PU leather. Classy much!

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