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Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday blues! :(

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Tweed Bag
Price: RM42

Totally adore the design and shape of this bag! :)
What more with such a lovely charm to accessorize it.
Easter is not too far away, anyone wants to surprise Miss TLF?


Item: Furrylicious
Price: RM33

Indeed it is furry! Lady-like, trendy and elegant! ;)


Item: Black Bag
Price: RM150

Hmm, it's really pretty expensive for RM150.
But if you love the colourful weaved design, grab! :)


xoxo, SWAK
Item: Dual Tone Clutch
Price: RM35

It's pretty hard looking for a dual tone clutch, no?
But here's one for you to match your dinner dress. 


Item: Gucci Craze
Price: RM89

They once again brought in more Gucci replica wallets!
Looking as real as they can, that's quite cheap no? :D


Item: LV Vernis Tote
Price: RM500

It's really quite true, to be honest, except for the colour.
But apparently, it's the lighting effect. So, it's all gooood! :D


Item: Pia Zadora
Price: RM38

Spot the sparkling diamantes, babes! :D


Item: Smally
Price: RM35

Not too small for a sling, and not too big for a handbag. :)
What's there left to complain eh, girls? And it's cheap too!


Item: Cuilte
Price: RM42

Cute, cuilte, cute! The pretty casual bag! :D


Item: LV Stephen Sprouse Collection
Price: RM80

Eighty Ringgit! Yes, 80!!! Run already, don't stand there.
Go grab and race to the finishing line before someone else does.

Item: Camel Compartment Lover's Bag
Price: RM52

Zippers here, zippers there, compartments everywhere.

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