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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's play a little game, shall we?

EDIT: The Game has been put to a stop. :)

Remember the XOXO Award I introduced to you babes a while ago?

The XOXO Award
*Click on banner for previous info!*

I've decided to change the rules a little here and there. *giggles* I reckon it would take too long for a blogshop to win the *Bag of the Day!* title 9 times. Thus, a new idea pops up at the back of my head. Here's how we play the game:

Every start of the month, I'll choose from the list of blogshops that have earned the most *Bag of the Day!* title over the past one month in descesding order. There'll be five slots a month, and the voting will be on for one whole month. :) At the end of the month, the poll will be closed and the winner will then be awarded with the XOXO Award from Miss TLF! :)

And of course, they will deserve a tiny weeny gift from me as promised. I'll place their banner link on my sidebar for a week long! :) How does that sound to you, babes? I'm leaving the voting to you, my fellow readers, to decide on who you want to give the XOXO Award to. Interesting much? Feel free to drop me an email me at iamtlf@live.com for further details should you not understand anything at all! :)

And with that, the game shall commence tomorrow! :D

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