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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ohaiyo! :D

*Bag (Wristlet) of the Day!*

Item: Yummy Juicy
Price: RM50

Fancy a pretty wristlet? Here's a few of them! :)
They might be replicas, but they look just as good!


Item: Pink Stripes
Price: RM55

They're not exactly stripes to be exact. :P
But I simply adore this simple yet gorgeous bag!


Item: Chanel Inspired Long
Price: RM55

Quilted wallets ala Chanel Inspired, babes!
Comes in three different colours and sizes too!
You can choose the small, medium or large. :P


Item: Coach Bag
Price: RM20

I first thought there was something wrong with my eyes.
But I kept blinking. Open. Close. Open. Close. It's still RM20!


Item: I am no Plain Jane
Price: RM53.88

So farnee one the price! :P But this is definitely not your
typical handbag can! Ah ha! There's white & black too! :)


xoxo, Cattique
Item: Bags For All
Price: RM35

Miss TLF wants the red and white stripey one!!!
Anyone kind wana buy that gorgeous baby for me?


Item: Clutch
Price: RM42

Not a fan of purple? Don't like green? Fret not babes! :D
There's red and black too! You gotta have one of these kay?


Item: BN001
Price: RM35

When I saw the word Narnia, the movie came to mind.
And all I had in mind was that lion! Hahaha! *bluek* :P
Anyway, this bag is such a uber cutie pie, can! Chic!


Item: Celine
Price: RM68 (RM60)

They look like flower petals to me. Hmmm...
Or something else I can't think right now? :P
But who cares as long as it's nice, right right?

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