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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A jumbled up mix!

Have I mentioned before how much I used to loathe polka dots?
But now I totally *heart* polka dots to the maximum! Seriously.


Don't you babes find this wristlet/clutch unique?
It's like as though it's wearing a clincher! Cuteness!


I love how the bag has flaps like doggie's ears!
And what more when those flaps are in stripes!
I guess I haven't yet gotten over stripes. *big grin*


So big and convenient to chuck everything in. *giggles*
They have one in smaller stripes and plain black too! :)


xoxo, Mode Lane

They've just only brought in pretty clutches! :D
Now they've brought in pretty bags too! Wooots!
Comes together with bag charms too if you noticed!
I totally adore the one far left - the colours so bright!


Omgosh! This is just too cute and pretty! :D
And oh, if you can't see, it's Naraya, babes!


I remember reviewing a bucket bag in almost similar design.
So, if you're no big fan of bucket bags, fret not darlings!
Because now they've brought to us shoulder bags too! :D

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