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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I see, I fall in love, I want!!!

I so want to get the bottom one for myself SOOOO much!
But I've spent too much money on clothes and accessories...
I'm so broke right now! But oh dear, THIS IS SO PRETTY!
How la how? Anybody want to donate to Miss TLF? *sobs* :'(


You can so tell it's top notch quality from the picts, no?
A very different touch of the Chanel inspired bags! :)
And I must say, VERY VERy elegant and trendy, babes!


No girls, that's not a piece of clothing. It's a bag! :P
I love love love the colours! So candy coloured. Yum!


I call this the mini bucket bag! So cute and adorable!


xoxo, Winkstick

Oh, now this is something special.
Star-shaped studs! And hey, peace! :)


Lady on the motorcycle, that's what I see.
Made of high quality suede, fuuuuhweeet!!! ;)


This furlicious indie bag comes in two shapes!
They call it half moon or cubic shape. Only for RM38!
Totally value for money yes, babes? Agreed much? :)

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